Mom's Heart Melts When She Sees Twins Kiss In The Womb

August 8th, 2018

When you’re expecting a baby, the ultrasound is an exciting time. With the help of these magical machines, mothers get an uninhibited sneak peek of the darling they’re growing in their bellies. Sometimes, however, in special cases, the baby may offer up a surprise.

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Last year, Carissa Gill and her boyfriend Randy experienced an unbelievable moment during their 24-week ultrasound.

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Carissa Gill/Sun UK Source: Carissa Gill/Sun UK

Having an ultrasound wasn’t a new experience for the couple; Carissa was experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, and, as a result of the danger, had been scheduled to have them done weekly. Up until that moment, however, they never noticed any stand-out behavior. But, on April 4, 2017, when they showed up for their appointment at Fetal Vision Imaging in Levittown, Pennsylvania, all of that changed.

The nurse and family were watching the babies on the screen when they gasped at what they saw. The unborn sisters were leaning together and giving each other a kiss.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Carissa said: “It was just so exciting to see them like that. I didn’t think they were going to be that close together, but they are, and it was just so beautiful to see.”

“It started off ‘Baby B’ was kissing ‘Baby A’ on the cheek and then they started getting closer and then they actually kissed on the mouth.”

“You can see their mouths open and close, it was just so cute.”

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Carissa Gill/Sun UK Source: Carissa Gill/Sun UK

According to Carissa, Randy was shocked by what he saw. “His face just kind of dropped, like he was speechless. But he’s been speechless since the moment he found out we were having twins,” she joked.

“Seeing that ultrasound like that was priceless to me,” he added.

The parents weren’t the only ones shocked by the interaction, though. John Hamburg, the man who conducted the sonogram, knew there was something special from the beginning. “I’ve done 15,000 of these and I’ve never seen twins face-to-face, looking like they’re kissing,” he told the Huffington Post. “Usually one’s head is up and the other is down.”

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Fetal Vision Imaging/The Sun Source: Fetal Vision Imaging/The Sun

Although seeing this type of interaction during an ultrasound is rare, scientists believe that twins start interacting with each other as early as 14 weeks into gestation. In a study described by Scientific American, researchers discovered that fetuses started reaching for the twins around the 14-week mark, and by 18 weeks of gestation reach for their twin more than themselves or the uterus wall. Additionally, “contact between them appeared to be planned— not an accidental outcome of spatial proximity.”

The photo of the twins went viral when the imaging center shared it on their Instagram account.

“Congratulations Carissa and Randy with your kissing twins!” they wrote in the post. “Thank you for coming to Fetal Vision, we hope you enjoyed your experience with us.”

The twins, Isabella and Callie, were due on July 27, 2018, and are now 1 year old. “I don’t know if they’re going to love each other as much as they do when they are in the womb, but we can use it as blackmail later on,” Carissa joked.

“My heart was just so full.”

“It was a photo that would make any new parent smile.”

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