This little boy is so excited for church baptism he just can't contain himself

November 10th, 2020

Baptisms are essentially a religious rite of admission and adoption to most religions, mainly Christian. The word baptize is said to derive from the Greek words baptizo or baptisma, which means “to bathe, wash, or immerse.”

Throughout history, we have seen people baptized by pouring water over the head or by either being partially or completely immersed in water. While Christians have undergone baptism as a way of expressing one’s devotion to God, ancient pagan religions saw this as a purification ceremony, rebirthing, or initiation.

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Most of us have probably been baptized when we were infants or toddlers. While this may be a big deal for our parents and relatives, some of us couldn’t care less or just didn’t know what exactly was happening.

This, however, wasn’t the case for an enthusiastic 6-year-old boy named Jordan Warrick from Louisville, Kentucky. He was very excited about his baptism that he decided to baptize himself.

It was a fine Sunday in the West End Baptist Church pool when Terrence Warrick took his son to get baptized by the local pastor of their church. It was finally his son’s turn to get baptized and decides to take a video of this special occasion.

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Jordan has been waiting on this day for a long time.

In the video, the pastor started off the ceremony saying, “(Jordan) will demonstrate his faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ by willingly being baptized this morning. He’s been waiting on this day a long time.”

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We can already notice Jordan’s anticipation building up as he was standing in the church’s pool with the pastor. He obviously couldn’t contain his excitement any longer!

Just as the pastor was done with his final ceremonial words before officiating Jordan’s baptism, the cheerful young boy exclaimed, “I’ll do it,” and submerges his head into the water.

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The young boy emerges his head from the water with his arms up, as his family and the whole congregation all broke out in laughter.

Terrence since then posted his son’s baptism video online, without knowing that it will soon go viral saying, “I just posted it because it was special to me and my family.”

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While baptism ceremonies are often conducted in a serious manner, there’s nothing wrong with having a laugh and making it more memorable for everyone. There are tons of funny photos and videos of baptism online, and while Jordan’s story was hilarious, there was also another that recently got viral.

Social distancing has been a common practice this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Among the plethora of social-distancing inspired photos that we can easily find online, one, in particular, happened inside a church during a baby’s baptismal service.

The now-viral photo showed Father Stephen Klasek, on his traditional robe wearing a face mask as he baptized an infant while maintaining a two-meter distance using a plastic water gun.

And while this seems too funny to be true, it actually is.

Turns out the whole thing was staged by the baby’s parents to make light of everything that has happened this year. The priest agreed to do the pose as he thinks it was funny, as stated by the Saint Mark Catholic Church on their Facebook page.

Saint Mark's Facebook page is posting this to clarify the photo that has gone viral as we have been receiving inquiries…

Posted by Saint Mark Catholic Church, Manchester, TN onMonday, May 25, 2020

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a bit of fun sometimes inside the church. It is actually a creative way of letting everyone know that faith shouldn’t be intimidating and serious at all times.

Watch as Jordan baptize himself in the hilarious video below!

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