10 kids who tried to pass a test with humor instead of knowledge

July 12th, 2021

Kids say the darndest things. And some of them revert to humor in awkward situations when they don’t know the answer.

These 10 kids definitely didn’t get things right, but they at least got clever about getting them wrong!

Of course, teachers don’t always ask the best questions. So some of these tests left kids the perfect opportunity to show off their sarcasm skills.

Do you think they got extra credit for that?

See what you think of these 10 ridiculous test answers:


1. Credit for creativity

Someone wasn’t paying attention in biology. But c’mon – you can at least get nucleus right without sacrificing too much of your grade, right?

2. Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers

“Motivate” your answer? That’s not even grammatically correct on the teacher’s part.

Maybe if we left the edu-speak out of the classroom, we’d get more effort out of our students. Then again, he or she looks like they were doing their best to provide some motivation!

3. A little too literal

Now, technically, this requires more skill in alphabetization than the original question. This student just spelled each word itself in alphabetical order.

We wonder how long it took the teacher to figure out what was going on here.

4. Defend how?

Sadly, this looks like a weak defense from the get-go. And the attack on it will be from above – with a big, red pen.

5. Not technically wrong

We imagine they were in a business class of some sort, not a sarcasm class.

It even looks like they were going to try a better answer for a minute there before totally giving up.

6. Under wraps

This Indonesian student quite literally tried to hide the fact that they didn’t know the answer.

Their teacher is probably wishing they had spent as much time paying attention in class (or at least trying to answer the question) as they did drawing pictures.

7. Ask better questions!

Another poorly worded question.

Now, we know the student had some idea of what the teacher was going for here, but aren’t you starting to wish teachers got graded on their tests sometimes too?

8. That could have gone in any direction

To be fair, “radical” could have spawned lots of different answers.

At least he went with humor and not politics!

9. Goals

Umm…we’re not sure how you’d grade this. We tell kids they can grow up to be anything they want, after all!

But this looks a little depressing. Do you think it ended with a trip to the guidance counselor?

10. But did it?

Sometimes sarcasm will only take you so far. Sure, it’s a poorly-worded question (and totally context-dependent), but one could even argue that 1895 didn’t end in 1896 – rather, 1896 did. Ponder that for a while!


We’ve all been stuck on a test and looking for answers. We wonder how many of these kids had their humor truly appreciated! Because that’s certainly a life skill too!

Want to see some more silly answers? Scroll down below for a video montage of student sarcasm.

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