12+ times dads dished out the most "dad" advice ever

July 8th, 2021

There seems to be a stereotype about dads out there claiming that they’re simply just not cool. The problem is…is that they’re oblivious to the fact that no one but themselves thinks so. And even though dads can be a bit dorky, they can also be pretty darn hilarious. Like these dads who shared tidbits of wisdom.

Here are 13 times dads doled out the most dad-like advice ever.

Oh, dads. We love you.

1. Hurtful, but helpful

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Twitter/@lilhanavas Source: Twitter/@lilhanavas

I’m guessing Dad didn’t intend to be rude — that is, he wasn’t trying to imply she was fat. He was just trying to tell his daughter what her priorities should be.

2. Seems a bit extreme

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Twitter/@erichorvath Source: Twitter/@erichorvath

Dads can be naturally overprotective of their children, especially as they reach the dating age. But punching at a middle school dance might cause a scene.

3. How to make money: by Dad

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Twitter/@KattFunny Source: Twitter/@KattFunny

Some people just have “That Face,” the one that makes people tell them about their problems. Dad’s all about taking opportunities that present themselves. And we can’t exactly blame him.

4. He makes a point well

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Twitter/@mikeruss39 Source: Twitter/@mikeruss39

Dads have a unique ability to make serious points but in a way that’s funny. This advice is extremely important — and he gave it in such a way that his child will never forget.

5. Reverse psychology, I guess

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Twitter/@paigeleilani Source: Twitter/@paigeleilani

Our parents raised us to think that random strangers would offer us drugs in dark alleyways. The reality is no one does that because, as he says, drugs are expensive.

6. Making chores easier

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Twitter/@WalrusComedy Source: Twitter/@WalrusComedy

Is this why dads seem to love mowing their lawn as often as possible? Are they just fantasizing about taking off a little bit around the edges?

7. He has his priorities straight

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Twitter/@JessicaMeier3 Source: Twitter/@JessicaMeier3

Either this dad was hoping to make his daughter smart by osmosis, thereby saving on college expenses, or he was hoping she’d marry a rich guy. Either way, you can’t fault him for thinking outside of the box.

8. That’s a terrible idea

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Twitter/@lesly_les_ Source: Twitter/@lesly_les_

Older people often have an odd fixation of having their privacy violated. They’re very protective of their rights. But not using your turn signal is taking it way too far.

9. Be safe out there

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Twitter/@michigansoul Source: Twitter/@michigansoul

I want to know if he gave any other context to this advice. I’m assuming his warning of “not to be the drunkest” was to save some embarrassment. Alas, we’ll never know the whole story.

10. Raising the stakes, there

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Twitter/@KristenRose124 Source: Twitter/@KristenRose124

This piece of advice is pretty extreme. It’s definitely on a level above “He’ll put coal in your stocking.” New theory: Santa gets the coal from the houses he burns down.

11. You can’t take it with you

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Twitter/@keykatiek Source: Twitter/@keykatiek

Sure, it’s important to start a savings account. But ultimately, your money has to go somewhere. After all, you won’t be taking it with you at the end of your life.

12. Sister doesn’t appreciate

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Twitter/@CGrothaus Source: Twitter/@CGrothaus

Siblings fight about the strangest things, including flatulence. But parents don’t usually encourage them to blame their farts on one another. How about just saying “Excuse me?”

13. That’s quite poetic

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Twitter/@Lucky_Lefty28 Source: Twitter/@Lucky_Lefty28

Something tells me that Dad thought long and hard about the way he wanted to give this advice. He settled for a particularly elegant way and seemed pretty proud of it.

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