15 husbands who are fighting a losing battle against their pregnant wife

July 15th, 2021

Pregnancy is tough. You’re literally sharing your body with someone – and that someone really likes snacks.

Most partners understand what women go through during pregnancy and are appropriately sympathetic. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t take to Twitter to vent about it a little.

Just check out these 15 tweets from hilarious husbands:

1. Do the right thing

It’s nice that you’re donating blood and all, but it’s really important that you never return home without a snack.

In fact, just always be prepared to grab a snack, no matter what you’re doing.

2. Quick change

Between hormones and hunger pangs, sometimes it’s hard to get a handle on what your body really needs when you’re pregnant. She just happened to need a miracle and a good nap.

3. It’s always too hot

Hey, if a pregnant woman is too warm, turn on the cooling devices. After all, it’s easier to grab a blanket to stay warm than it is to cool off.

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4. What’s up with the pickles?

It’s one of those pregnancy stereotypes that turns out to be true in many cases.

There’s just something about pickles that make things feel better.

5. It’s never too cold for ice cream

To be fair, ice cream doesn’t require a warm day to be delicious.

Don’t question it, just get some for yourself too.

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6. Stick with the truth

Isn’t it better when you get a warning that someone is feeling a little off?

It’s certainly less painful than finding out the hard way!

7. Hands off the cake

It’s obvious that you should never eat a pregnant woman’s food.

The only problem is coming to the realization that it’s ALL her food.

8. Potatoes, stat!

It seems a little over the top, but we understand this kind of passion for carbs.

In fact, we’re going to throw our phone right now and see if we get some mashed potatoes out of it.

9. Pregnancy brain

The brain fog during pregnancy is real.

But, hey, the good news is that no one needed to go find any socks.

10. I love you, I hate you

It’s an emotional rollercoaster brought to you by hormone fluctuations. And the worst part is you can’t really control it because you don’t expect it.

But maybe just buy your own lunch that day.

11. Get your own stash

Maybe it’s best to invest in a mini freezer when your wife is pregnant.

Just put it somewhere she doesn’t go and you can have some ice cream for yourself in secret.

12. Midnight cravings

But the real question is: “did he try?”

Then again, the craving will probably have passed by the time he got home.

13. Potential disaster

The pregnant brain can predict a lot of worst-case scenarios.

Maybe it’s best to have a backup ice cream company to count on so things don’t seem so dire.

14. Listen up

We get it. Pie is the first thing we think of in the morning too.

15. Beer solo

On the one hand, you don’t want to drink alone because that seems unhealthy.

But after all that ice cream shopping and wintertime air conditioning, you might be entitled to a couple of cold ones.


Pregnancy is hard on both future parents.

But only one of them has another human being growing inside and sharing all of their resources. So just go buy the extra ice cream.

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