15 Ways Parenting Is Different In The U.K. Than The U.S.

December 11th, 2018

Parents these days are always looking for advice so that they raise their children in the healthiest and most loving ways.

America has tons of resources for parents to find this advice, whether its websites or local Facebook groups.

But if you look to these resources in the U.K. you’ll find that parents there do things a lot differently.

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Information on parenting might not be as widely publicized in the U.K. as it is in the U.S. You’ll also find that their techniques for parenting is drastically different.

Here’s what we mean:

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1) More Maternity Leave

Having a baby is a costly venture in the U.S. and we’re not just talking diapers and formula. While mothers are guaranteed to have 12 weeks off while they care for their newborn without losing their job, those 12 weeks of maternity leave are unpaid. Some states, like New York and California, do guarantee all or at least a portion of one’s pay during maternity leave, according to Bustle.

This isn’t an issue in the U.K. Eligible moms can get up to 52 weeks off for maternity leave, according to Gov.UK. Moms get 90 percent of their pay for the first six weeks and £145.18 or 90% of their average weekly earnings, whichever is lower.

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2) More Cursing

Cursing is NBD in the U.K. While cursing as a child will land you in some hot water with your parents or teachers in the U.S. it’s not as taboo in the U.K., according to BBC America.

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3) Kids Are Welcome At Bars

One thing that you’ll see in U.K. pubs that you won’t in the U.S. are kids. Britain bars are more relaxed and open than ones in the U.S. This means parents don’t mind bringing their kids along to happy hours instead of paying a babysitter.

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4) The Terminology Is Different

If you heard a mom or dad from the U.K. talk, you probably wouldn’t know what the heck they were talking about. If your child spits up, they’d called it posset. A pacifier is a dummy.

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5) Extreme Childproofing Isn’t A Thing

Some U.K. parents would say that their U.S. counterparts go a little overboard when it comes to childproofing. Parents in the U.K. do childproof but they aren’t extreme about it, according to Cup of Jo. They see a few bumps and bruises as a part of the growth process.

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6) School Vacations Differ

American children enjoy a 12-week summer break and a few holidays or seasonal breaks throughout the year. Things are different in the U.K. Kids get a 6-week break for the summer and several breaks throughout the year that are longer than they are in the U.S.

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7) Baby Showers Are Less Common

Baby showers and gender reveals are a huge deal in the U.S. But not so much in the U.K. While there are some, some find it as tempting and an omen of bad luck.

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8) Midwives Visit After The Birth

U.K. moms get visits from their midwives before and after their pregnancy. They get visits 10 days after giving birth to see how they are adjusting to motherhood. This is also a free service provided by the National Health System.

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9) Having A Baby Is Less Expensive

Having a baby is an important financial decision. Parents in the U.S. will pay about $3,000 for giving birth at the hospital. But it’s free in the U.K.

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10) Safe Sex Talks Starts Early

Kids start getting free condoms by the age of 13 through the C-card program in the UK. So parents start talking about the birds and the early on. That’s probably why teen pregnancy went down by 50 percent in the last 20 years.

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11) Kids Don’t Open Presents At Birthday Parties

Watching the birthday boy or girl open presents at their party is customary in the U.S. Not in the U.K. Parents usually hold parties at halls so they wait until after the party.

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12) Cake Is Saved For Later

Present opening isn’t the only thing that’s different at in the U.K. You won’t see a pinata at a U.K. birthday party. You also won’t see cake served with ice cream. It’s sliced up, wrapped, and sent home with guests

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13) Spanking Is A No-No

Spanking your children in the U.S. has become less popular. But it’s frowned upon in the U.K. Even a simple hand smack to a child is seen as barbaric.

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14) Halloween Isn’t Cute

You’ll see kids dressed as their favorite TV and movie characters in the U.S. on Halloween and it’s cute. But not in the U.K. It’s a scary affair, even for the little tykes.

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15) Mom Drinking Parties

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In the U.K., moms take time to mingle in person instead of online. They do so with drinks. Moms will meet together at the beginning of the school year for “mum drinks” at the beginning of the school year to get to know each other.

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