15 photos that prove mama's arms are the comfiest place on earth

April 16th, 2021

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s nothing like a mother’s touch,” and it couldn’t be more correct. Even when the road seems grim, Mom’s make everything better with a simple hug. We have 15 photos that prove it and will have you running to mommy for a love.

My dog and her baby. Picture taken four years apart. from aww

Here are 15 photos of moms hugging their children that will melt your heart

These will bring tears to your eyes!

1. Kitten mommy cuddles

mom hugging her child from Eyebleach

It doesn’t matter if it’s human moms or animal moms, the love is the same. These two are both extremely adorable, and oozing with love for each other. If they hug like that in their sleep, imagine how they are when they’re awake.

2. Momma goat

My goat, Charlie, just had babies! from aww

This mama goat just had babies and they came out ready for love. Look at that smile on Charlie the goat’s face, she’s clearly super happy to finally have her little babies here.

3. Smothered with love

swiggle1 dot pattern2
Reddit Source: Reddit

This mama kitty is literally being smothered with love, and she is obviously loving it. The kitten down at the bottom is getting the short end of the stick and his cute little face says it all. Just look at him, he really had me cracking up.

4. “Bath with mom”

Bath with mom from aww

This golden retriever mom couldn’t be happier, and her new little puppy in the bath is the most adorable thing ever. How could you not love that little face? That seriously melts my heart, and kind of makes me want more dogs.

5. Puppy cuddles

Everyone needs their mom once in a while. from aww

This picture is captioned “everyone needs their mom once in a while” and it’s accurate, but also an understatement. Most people need their mother’s often, even if it’s just some motherly advice.

6. You’re never too old to be mama’s baby

I’m 21 years old and this was my mom and I on Christmas from pics

Even at 21-years-old, this mama’s girl is still having her mom carry her on Christmas. Dang it, I wish I was smaller so I could still do this to my mother. Oh well, a normal hug will just have to do.

7. “Proud Mom”

Proud Mom from aww

This new mother is exuding happiness, and it’s easy to see why. Her new liter of puppies is already attached to her hip, and we’re guessing they will be like this for a very long time.

8. Hold my hand while I sleep

My moms Doberman gave birth to this cute muffin from aww

This young Doberman is in need of her mother’s touch even when she’s sleeping, and we’re quite sure mommy doesn’t mind. That’s some deep sleep, but that’s easy to do when momma is right next to you.

9. Proud mamma

My baby brother hugging Mom for the first time since graduating boot camp from aww

This young man just graduated boot camp and his mother’s arms are the first place he wanted to go. We don’t blame him, that’s always the most comfortable place in the world. Also, we thank him for his service!

10. Snuggle time

Momma cat had some babies! Mom is a tabby and dad was a fullbred Siamese, will the kittens have Siamese features? from cats

Here are some more mother-kitten snuggles, and they couldn’t be any cuter. Look at them sleeping head-to-head, I wouldn’t be surprised if they even share the same dreams.

11. All the loving

The pregnant cat I’ve been fostering had 2 kittens a few days ago. She is a very good mom. 💜 from aww

This newborn kitten just came to this earth days before this photo, and she already knows where the best place to be is. Where’s that place we’re talking about? Well right on top of mama’s head of course.

12. Nice try mom, you can’t get rid of me that easily

My mom and I went to a wedding with a photo booth. She’s single, so she wanted to take solo-pictures as a strong independent woman, but I wanted to remind her that she never has to go it alone. from MadeMeSmile

This mother wanted to get some photos by herself, but like a true momma’s girl her daughter rushed in to show her “she never has to go it alone.” This is hilarious, even while she’s pushing her daughter out of the picture she’s got a smile from ear to ear.

13. “Mommy’s tummy is the best pillow”

Mommy’s tummy is the best pillow❤️ from cats

This kitten is just lounging on his mother’s tummy, and he looks just about as comfy as a cat can be. Not only is this one hilarious, but it might be one of the most adorable pictures we’ve ever seen. I wonder if she’ll still be doing that when she’s all grown up, probably so.

14. Double cuddles

swiggle1 dot pattern2
Reddit Source: Reddit

This one proves that it’s not just human mother-daughter and mother-son relationships that are the best, even mother-dog cuddles make the cut. These three are as happy as can be, and we all know why. We said it once, and we’ll say it again, mother cuddles are the best!

15. It’s not only biological connections either

My German Shepherd was having a false pregnancy so I got her a German Shepherd/Alaskan husky puppy. She thinks it’s hers and the pup thinks she’s her mom and I’m never going to tell them different from Eyebleach

It’s not only biological mothers who have all the love to give, and this one proves that. This German Shepard was having a false pregnancy so her owner got her a puppy, she took it on as her own and never looked back.

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Source: Bright Side, Reddit