20 heartwarming signs that you and your mom are best friends

June 8th, 2021

Moms – we’ve all got one. The most fortunate of us were lucky enough to grow up with a doting, caring mom we could depend on.

Mother-daughter relationships can get a little complex at times, especially when the daughter’s in her teens. But having your mom as your lifelong friend is one of the most special bonds you could ask for.

Read on for the signs that indicate a bestie relationship between mom and daughter.

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1. She’s your biggest fan

There’s no one who believes in you more than your mom. She’s been there for you from the very start, cheerleading you on through school and work. She has faith that you can achieve your goals, even when you don’t have faith yourself.

2. You call her every day

You’re certainly not obliged to call your mom every day – but there’s just so much to say. You couldn’t possibly experience a day without giving your mom the lowdown on what happened. Whether it’s moaning about your boss or laughing about something funny you saw, it’s always better shared with your mom.

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3. You listen to each other’s advice

Your mom gives sound advice, and you always take what she says seriously. Equally, your mom knows that she can trust your advice, too. You both care about each other deeply and don’t want to see the other get hurt, which means your advice for one another is always well-thought-out.

4. You have inside jokes going back years

Moms and daughters who laugh together have the best sort of relationship. The pair of you probably still find things from decades ago hilarious, even when no one else can understand what’s so funny. All that laughter definitely makes your bond even stronger.

5. You can be completely honest with her

The great thing about your mom is that she’ll simply absorb what you tell her without judging you. This means that you feel open enough to tell her everything – from that time you got in trouble for smoking in high school, to the guy in a relationship you had a crush on. She’ll listen and offer advice, but never make you feel embarrassed or bad for something you already know is wrong.

6. She’s your perfect partner for every activity

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Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got your mom? Spa dates, cinema trips and restaurant bookings for two are just a few of the activities that you love to share with your mom. She’s up for everything, and she’s never too busy to book something in.

7. She knows how to cheer you up

When you’re down, your mom knows best how to cheer you up. Whether it’s hot chocolate, a bubble bath or a cuddle, she’s always armed with a cheer-up plan for when times get tough. Even just talking things through with your mom can make you feel ten times better by the end of it.

8. You know each other’s thoughts, no words needed

You and your mom are so in sync that the pair of you don’t need to speak to share your thoughts. Just one look from your mom can be enough for you to know exactly how she’s feeling, and vice-versa. That’s how you end up giggling in awkward situations, or backing off when you realize you’ve pushed her buttons.

9. She accepts you for who you are

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Your mom doesn’t just focus on your achievements – or your mistakes, for that matter. She accepts that you’re human, and, most importantly, her daughter. Her love for you is endless, and she’d never love you less even if you mistakenly let her down.

10. She’ll always be on your side

When somebody has upset you, your mom will take your side. She might help you to rationally see a situation from another person’s perspective, but she knows that your hurt is valid, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong.

11. The two of you rarely fight

Blazing arguments are something you and your mom don’t know much about (except, perhaps, for when you were a teenager!). It’s not even about knowing how to keep your mom happy, either – there’s just nothing to disagree about in your relationship.

12. you can never hold a grudge against her

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On the few occasions that you do have a fallout with your mom, there’s no way you could stay mad at her. She’s never spiteful, even when you disagree, and you know that beneath it all, she cares deeply about you. The pair of you have never gone a day without speaking – even after arguments.

13. She’ll actually keep your secrets

Tell your girlfriends a secret, and it may end up spread across the neighborhood by the next day. Your mom, however, is someone you know you can trust 100 percent. You can tell her your deepest, most embarrassing secrets, knowing she’d never share them with a soul – not even your dad.

14. She just wants what’s best for you

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… even if that means dishing up some brutally honest advice. And you’ll listen to what she has to say, knowing that she’d never say something unless she has your best intentions in mind.

15. She’s the first person you call to celebrate

When you’ve got big news, the first person you think to call is your mom. You know she’ll be the happiest to hear from you, and the most excited for you. She’ll also offer some quick words of wisdom if you’re looking for advice from someone who’s been there, done that.

16. You’re always thinking of her

Whether you’re on vacation or hitting the shops, your mom is always on your mind. You’re always picking up little bits for her that you think she’ll like. Likewise, she’s always presenting you with gifts from her travels and daily activities, too.

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17. She’ll drop anything to be there for you

No matter what your mom’s up to, you know that she’d put everything down and come to your aid if you needed her. You’ve called her while she’s been shopping, gardening, or even out for dinner, and she’s always been there for a chat. You know you can rely on her to be there for you, no matter what.

18. She worries about you

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Perhaps, growing up, you found it a bit annoying how overprotective of you your mom could be. But now, you see it for what it is: love. Of course your mom worries about you – that’s the biggest sign that she cares. She will usually do her best not to let her fears affect the advice she offers, though.

19. You love each other’s company

You don’t have to be doing anything crazy with your mom to be having a good time. Just sitting on the couch, munching popcorn and watching your favorite childhood movie is your idea of a good time. You could spend the day with one another without even really talking, just appreciating that the other person is there.

20. Your relationship just gets stronger

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It doesn’t matter where you are, and how often you get to see one another – your relationship with your mom just continues to get stronger. You couldn’t imagine a life without her, and you feel so blessed to call her your mom. Of course, she feels exactly the same – and she would argue that she loves you more!

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