According to Moms, these are the best pregnancy support belts for you and your growing belly
Sherry Shi

There’s nothing more exciting than the journey of becoming a mama. But the strain of pregnancy on your body and back? Not so exciting. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but as all expecting mamas know, it can also be very, very uncomfortable.

What is a pregnancy support belt?

There’s nothing more exciting than the journey of becoming a mama. But the strain of pregnancy on your body and back? Not so exciting. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but as all expecting mamas know, it can also be very, very uncomfortable.

Carrying around an extra human (or more!) can put added strain on your back, hips, pelvic area and abs. Symptoms like round ligament pain, back pain and increased pelvic floor pressure are common during pregnancy and can be pretty unpleasant, especially during the third trimester, when aches and pains can really flare up.

The great news is, most pregnancy pains can be greatly helped by wearing a pregnancy support belt. These structured belts wrap around your lower back and abdomen to gently cradle your bump, easing pressure on your back and pelvis.

Key things to consider before buying a support belt

  • Before buying or wearing a band or belt consider discussing it with your midwife or a healthcare professional.
  • Look for a belt that is breathable and comfortable – skin can grow increasingly sensitive in your last trimester, and you should look for soft fabrics that won’t irritate your skin.
  • Opt for a belt that can be adjusted as you grow and is not too tight or too loose, so that it provides the right support.

5 of the Best Mama-Approved Pregnancy Belts to Buy in 2021

1. Best Overall: Cocozy™ Adjustable Maternity Support Belt – CHECK PRICE

Cocozy Maternity Support Band

The Cocozy™ Adjustable Maternity Support Belt is hands down the best pregnancy pillow on the market. Expecting Mama’s rave about its super soft, bamboo lyocell fabric; sturdy support and 12 inches of adjustability that allows the belt to grow with your bump.

The simple design helps ease your aches without getting in the way and it can be worn discreetly under clothing or above depending on your preference. A delightful bonus is their hot & cold pack pocket on the back that allows you to insert additional comfort & relief when needed. With a 30-day no-risk trial, the Cocozy™ Adjustable Maternity Support Belt is definitely one to check out.

The Cocozy™ Adjustable Maternity Support Belt also comes in 4 different sizes (S-XL) and 2 colors, so you can find your perfect fit.

2. Best Lightweight Pregnancy Belt: Blanqi® Everyday Maternity Built-In Support BellyBand – CHECK PRICE

Blanqi Belly Band

Knit, super-breathable and lightweight, the Blanqi® Everyday Belly Band offers discreet compression that helps support your back and ease discomfort. The moisture-wicking, fast-drying fabric is great for keeping expecting Mama’s cool and comfortable. The sizes are slightly limited — small and medium are combined, as well as large and x-large; but the impressive stretch should help many Mama’s find a great fit. Because it’s not as structured, we’d recommend trying the Blanqi earlier on in your pregnancy.

3. Best Budget Pregnancy Belt: Curad Maternity Belt – CHECK PRICE

Curad Maternity Belt

Basic, but truly dependable. The Curad Maternity Belt rests under your growing baby bump to help relieve pressure from your back. The belt also features a clever “anti-roll” design that ensures the belt stays securely in place on your growing belly. It’s wearable under clothing, but not as discreet as the Cocozy or Blanqi® options.

4. Best for Pelvic Pain: Cabea Pregnancy Belly Band & Groin Bands – CHECK PRICE

Cabea Maternity Belt

Weakened pelvic muscles are a common pregnancy symptom. Cabea’s double groin bands offer gentle compression and sturdy support for your Pelvic Floor, without sacrificing your comfort. Each groin band is easily adjustable so you can place them where you need. Breathable neoprene helps support your back and hips without constricting your skin or making your overheat. Highly recommended for any Mama’s who might need extra support for their pelvic pain.

5. Best For Exercise: Gabrialla Maternity Belt – CHECK PRICE


This belt adds a fair amount of compression while keeping you comfortable, great for exercising throughout pregnancy. The moderate compression helps you stand, walk and move around with less stress on your back. While its flexibility is appreciated for exercise and activities that require more movement, we’d recommend a sturdier band, like the Cocozy Adjustable Maternity Support Belt for more everyday activities (and resting) around the home.

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By Sherry Shi
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