6-year-old's impressive alphabet rap about jobs is the sweetest ray of hope

November 4th, 2020

As parents, you do your best to support your kids’ dreams. You work hard to support them to make sure they end up exactly what they want to be. You make them feel like they can conquer everything.

Bobby White did an excellent job in teaching his kid Sam about his options for the future.

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He and his son posted a video on Facebook about career opportunities. However, it’s not just any other video. It shows Sam rapping about potential career opportunities for each letter of the alphabet.

The 6-year-old boy co-wrote the song with his dad.

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Called You Can Be ABCs, he even memorized it so that he could record it without making mistakes. The lyrics were cleverly put together and the way Sam delivered it was just unbelievable.

The boy looked confident in front of the camera.

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Facebook/Bobby White Source: Facebook/Bobby White

He seemed to be having a great time performing. With dad backing him up with a nice beat, that’s not surprising. He has his dad’s full support.

Sam’s piece didn’t just explore regular careers.

They were much specific. He mentioned highly academic jobs to hand-on skilled jobs. Plus, he also added a bit of description for each one.

Here’s some of the lyrics:

You can be a “A”—You can be an ARCHITECT
Catch a building to kiss the sky
You can be a “B”—You can be a BIOCHEMIST
Makes medicines, save lives
With programs and systems and files
You can be a “D”—You can be a DENTIST
Cuz everybody loves to smile

Bobby is opening Sam’s mind to a lot of opportunities.

He shared:

“I want Sam to know about all the amazing opportunities that are out there waiting for him. Kids learning early on to be passionate about careers sets them up to do better in school because they are working toward something.”

Currently, Sam’s heart is set on getting a degree in architecture.

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As a Lego whiz, he really likes to build. However, he’s also considering becoming a governor or even the President of the United States in the future.

Sam’s a bright boy.

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Facebook/Bobby White Source: Facebook/Bobby White

In fact, he started reading when he was just 2 years old. He’s quite ahead of other kids in this area.

Stephanie White, Sam’s mom, also shared:

“He doesn’t watch television except on Fridays when we have our movie night. So he’s always doing creative things.”

The father-and-son duo’s video went viral.

One of the people who viewed their performance said:

“So awesome. A lot of thought went into that. Very inspiring!!”

Another one said:

“Thanks for sharing. This young man is AMAZING! I pray this kind of training and support for all of our children.”

A Facebook user commented:

“This little guy is super cute and obviously really smart. He will go far in life:)”

Someone also said:

“That was fantastic young man! Well done! I love that you have such encouragement around you – I have no doubt you will do great things!”

With Sam’s confidence and intelligence and the support of his parents, he’s surely bound to do great things in life. He certainly has the potential to be an architect or even the president of the country if he likes. For sure, whatever job he ends up with, he’ll succeed.

Watch the full video below.

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