One-Year-Old’s Sassy Version Of Song Is Seriously Adorable

November 22nd, 2019

If you’re a parent, you might remember the good old days when your kids used to like your music. You know, when you could blast your favorite tune on repeat – and no one would say a word?

While those days might be over, the scene below will at least brighten your day.

One mom was able to capture on film the result of playing a lot of Lady Gaga in the car. It’s a clip that’s too cute for words, which is why it’s been viewed millions of times on YouTube!

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

The woman’s one-year-old baby is strapped into his car seat and is bopping along to the music.

Although some kids get bored riding in the car – not this guy. If his mom plays the song “Poker Face” he’s totally good to go.

Right before Lady Gaga gets to the pre-chorus, he starts singing, “Oh, oh-oh, oh…” Yep, this kid’s definitely heard the tune before!

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

Just because he likes to sing, doesn’t mean he necessarily likes to be filmed doing it.

The mom wanted to capture her baby singing on camera, so is videoing him from the front passenger seat. But 15 seconds in, he spots her in action and gives her the most hilarious stink-eye.

People on YouTube also noticed the comical reaction. Can’t this boy just sing in peace?

One person commented:

“lol this is so cute, and I LOVE his expression when he first realizes he’s being taped (0:15). It’s this great look like he’s thinking, “What are you, the paparazzi? This is my personal time!”

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

Get ready for an adorable duet of “Poker Face.”

When it gets to the chorus, the baby joins Lady Gaga in singing the lyrics that contain “poker face.” Only for the tyke, it sounds a little bit more like “my face.” Eh, close enough!

He’s even got a cool mohawk going on that’s perfect for a one-year-old rockstar.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

The boy’s in his own little world as he jams out to mom’s music – which apparently, he’s heard a few times before.

On the Fatherly website, they provide 50 great kids songs that parents can sing with their little ones. Unfortunately, “Poker Face” did not make the list – but hey, that’s okay!

Playing the music you like (as long as it’s appropriate) is a good thing too. Peabody Institute early childhood music chairman, Eric Rasmussen, told PBS:

“In addition to playing multiple genres of music, parents should play music that they enjoy. I emphasize classical and jazz especially (that’s my taste), but there is no bad type of music. It’s harder to find appropriate music in some styles than others.”

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Flickr/James Case Source: Flickr/James Case

The woman behind the voice.

After a couple of minutes of her son trying to keep up with Gaga, mom asks him, “Who are you listening to … Who is this?”

He adorably looks at her and says, “You…” Who knows, maybe he thinks mom’s been the one this whole time with an awesome voice in the front seat instead of Lady Gaga herself below.

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Facebook/Lady Gaga Source: Facebook/Lady Gaga

The footage is so sweet that it was posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than 3.8 million time. Not bad for a baby’s first performance!

In the video description, it says:

“Lady Gaga: we found you a back-up singer!”

It’s near impossible to watch this kid sing and keep a “poker face.” Hopefully, it lifts your spirits too!

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