Big brother’s caring response to his crying baby sister is just too adorable

April 18th, 2021

Every year on April 10th, National Siblings Day, also known as Siblings Day, honors our brothers and sisters.

It is recognized annually in some parts of the United States and Canada. It is meant to celebrate the special bond that is shared between siblings.

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What would you expect from this day?

Giving your sibling a gift (including a surprise gift), a gift card, and taking them out to dinner are all examples of recognition during this tradition.

How about if you kinda broke? Don’t you worry — there’s a lot that you can do.

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Social media is the key.

Just giving hugs (and kisses) to your siblings, spending quality time with them, remembering their importance in your life, and greeting them on various social platforms using your childhood photographs are nonmaterial observances on this day.

Truly, your presence is a gift.

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Siblings day came early to these two kiddos!

The baby girl is lying flat on her back and wearing her adorable onesie when she starts crying. We’re not sure whether she needs to have some milk, changed nappy, or put down for a nap.

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YouTube/Baby Tedster Source: YouTube/Baby Tedster

Cal, her older brother knows exactly what to do.

He starts by lifting himself on the bed, which takes a little while since he’s still a baby himself. Looking at him — I’m guessing he’s no older than two years old.

He has a big smile on his face as he approaches his sister.

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YouTube/Baby Tedster Source: YouTube/Baby Tedster

He crawls around her until he’s laying down by her side and his smile still on his face.

Already, his sister is delighted to see him!

She then stopped crying by the time he came into her line of sight. She’s completely at peace by the time he’s right next to her.

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YouTube/Baby Tedster Source: YouTube/Baby Tedster

This is incredibly adorable!

These siblings are clearly very intimate, to the point that they know and comfort each other even at such a young age. She’s now smiling and reaching her arms to embrace her sweet brother.

What a sibling’s love! But the cuteness doesn’t stop there.

The sweetest part?

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YouTube/Baby Tedster Source: YouTube/Baby Tedster

Cal is touching her face and hand to soothe her, and he’s giving her kisses.

Baby sister seems to be loving it too! As you can see, she laughs with her tongue out.

The little boy then begins to chant. At first, it’s difficult to understand what he’s doing, but after a few tries, you’ll realize what he’s saying.

“Cutie babies! Cutie babies!”

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YouTube/Baby Tedster Source: YouTube/Baby Tedster

To these two, perhaps every day is a ‘Siblings Day.’

What a gift to them and their family!

Siblings. They are our best friends or our greatest enemies (sort of). At times, siblings would be our toughest rivals, our strongest encouragement, and they could also remind us of our most embarrassing moments.

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Why not show your sibling some love today?

Even when you’re far away, surprise them! Give them a call, initiate a video chat, amaze them with a delivery package, or if you’re the traditional type, you can send a handwritten letter.

Watch the adorable little boy comforts his crying baby sister in the video below!

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