Celebrity mom gives daughter best love advice that all young women should hear

April 29th, 2021

Sunshine Cruz is a Filipino actress and singer who has been gracing the screen since she was a teenager. She was married to actor and director Cesar Montano. Their three stunning daughters Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Franchesca have the digital community buzzing because of their striking appearances, each one bearing a close resemblance to their equally gorgeous mother.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the eldest, Angelina Isabelle, has endorsements and modeling stints under her belt.

The teen actress and aspiring singer is also very vocal about how wonderful her mother is as a role model.

She proudly shares,

“I’d always look up to my mom every time. I’ll never stop looking up to her. And I’m proud of her naman, how far she’s gone despite the challenges she’s faced and I know she’s faced as a single mother and I’ve seen how strong of a woman she is.”

With a close mother-daughter bond, no topic goes undiscussed between the two.

They share the same love for fashion, too. In fact, the young celebrity is the one doing the teaching when it comes to style and trends. Whenever her mom asks about the latest in accessorizing and putting together eye-catching ensembles, Angelina is more than willing to impart her knowledge on the subject. They’d even bond over dancing and making TikTok videos, too! How fun.

Sunshine also doesn’t hold back on the advice, especially on guys and relationships. This makes Angelina appreciate her mother more.

“She’d always tell me that you can’t love someone else truly if you don’t love yourself first. And to always take care of myself. That’s what she tells me. She also says always know the person before you fully commit yourself to that person. Just to know their true self first and true personality before you fully commit yourself. So to always love myself and to always know my worth as a person and as a woman.”

Sunshine never forgets to remind her daughters of their worth as women and how no man and no relationship should ever make them question that.

This explains why her daughters are so strong and grounded despite the attention they receive from being in the public eye. The young actress says,

“The world may turn its back on me but I’ll always have her by my side. She’s like my best friend.”

Angelina concludes,

“We’d always give time for family bonding, watching movies and having dinner together. And I guess what makes us close is that we’re very open to each other and we like to goof around together.”

Nothing beats having a close relationship with one’s parents. The communication is different, the atmosphere in the house is so much lighter and warmer, and the tough times are just easier to bear.

Because Sunshine makes sure all her children know they have a strong support system in her, they’re always ready to take on challenges and face new situations head on.

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Source: Push, Instagram/angelinaisabele, Instagram/sunshinecruz718