Dad finds man who sold daughter into trafficking ring & takes matters into his own hands
He's been getting a lot of praise online, but others aren't convinced his actions were justified.
Luis Gaskell

Some parents will do anything for their kids.

And there are a lot who might go several steps further than most parents.

One father did something pretty dramatic (and that’s understating things) in the name of his daughter, and it’s gotten a lot of attention.

60-year-old John Eisenman tracked down and killed 19-year-old Andrew Sorensen for allegedly trafficking his daughter.

Eisenman carried out the act in 2020.

He claims that the 19-year-old sold his daughter into a sex trafficking ring.

He learned of a place that Sorensen was going to visit: a trailer park in Airway Heights.

Eisenman followed the teen there and confronted him.

After finding him, Eisenman tied up Sorensen’s hands and feet and tossed him into the trunk of a car.

YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now
YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now

I shouldn’t have to tell you that what happened next wasn’t pretty.

Eisenman knocked the boy out with a cinder block, punched him, and then stabbed the 19-year-old several times.

He felt justified in what he did.

After all, some parents love their kids enough to do things that crazy.

Many young girls are sold into trafficking rings under the government’s nose, and even a single girl saved from such a fate is a huge deal.

Given the details about the trafficking ring, people praised Eisenman when the news dropped.

His daughter was a minor, and it would be horrific if she were sold to a sex trafficking ring.

But things may not be that black and white.

YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now
YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now

Eisenman’s story sounds like one of a vigilante dad avenging and protecting his daughter.

If your daughter was sold to a sex trafficking ring, I’m sure you’d say you’d do something similarly drastic.

Sorensen’s body would remain undiscovered for about a year.

What allowed authorities to trace the car to Eisenman was a neighbor who’d heard Eisenman confess to murdering someone earlier with matching details.

He was arrested in October of that year and faced charges for first-degree murder.

The media reported the story in a heroic light, though word from Sorensen’s family suggests a different story.

YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now
YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now

According to them, their son was innocent and unjustly murdered in cold blood.

So maybe Eisenman isn’t quite the hero he was made to be in the media.

“We didn’t get to tell our side of the story. There is so much more out there about all of this that needs to come out,” said Theresa Sorensen, Andrew’s mother

Andrew’s father says his son had autism and wouldn’t have the capacity to do such a thing.

Another major detail concerning Eisenman was brought to light as well.

YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now
YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now

Eisenman was also under the influence of drugs at the time, based on investigations.

Sorensen’s family included further personal details about their son that, to them, don’t support the accusation made by Eisenman.

YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now
YouTube Screenshot - 4 News Now

Furthermore, the authorities found no evidence that Andrew trafficked Eisenman’s daughter.

That’s not to say the case is over.

Evidence can still turn up, but it’s certainly slim now.

Well, if that’s true, then that paints the story in an entirely different light.

Eisenman may not be a hero dad avenging his daughter and other victims of sex trafficking.

He may just as likely be a crazed killer under the influence of drugs.

On the other hand, we all know how difficult it is for victims of sexual abuse and crime to find justice.

Women often criticize the way our society handles these things – authorities sometimes ask for unreasonable evidence from victims or don’t try at all.

Could this be one of those cases?

Where does the evidence point you to?

Does Eisenman sound like a hero or a plain old murderer?

Let us know in the comments.

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By Luis Gaskell
[email protected]
Luis Gaskell is a contributor at SBLY Media.