Dad hilariously narrates baby’s escape out of the car seat when he thinks no one’s looking

June 3rd, 2021

Pretty much every parent has had at least one car seat battle with their child.

Whether they’re sworn enemies with the car seat straps or simply don’t like the idea of being restrained, some kids would do almost anything to get out of their car seats.

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And when your child learns how to unbuckle themselves, that’s where things get dangerous.

Dad and TikToker Glen (beleafinfatherhood) often documents his children’s antics in a series of videos he has comically titled ‘fatherhood breakdown.’

In one of his most recent videos, Glen’s little boy, Uziah, takes center stage in front of the camera as Glen buckles him into his car seat.

From the moment the camera begins rolling, it’s pretty clear that Uziah– who Glen nicknames Houdini– has absolutely no interest in staying in his seat.

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The video is accompanied by some absolutely hilarious commentary from Glen, who jokily explains what’s going on.

“As soon as Dad closes the door, he looks left, looks right, picks the lock, then Hulk Hogans his way out of the seatbelt,” Glen reports.

Uziah is quick to undo the first buckle of his seatbelt, and that’s all he needs to squeeze his shoulders out of the belt’s restraints.

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Unfortunately for him, this move doesn’t go unnoticed by his siblings.

“He popped his head out like he missed his bus stop, and then everybody starts snitching: big sister, big brother, other big brother,” Glen explains.

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Glen’s siblings might be snitching, but we actually think it’s pretty cute that they’re concerned about their brother’s safety.

This is clearly a move that Uziah has pulled quite a few times already- something that doesn’t best please Glen and his partner.

Much to Uziah’s disappointment, his mom is quick on the scene to buckle him back in again, and gives him what Glen describes as a ‘mom look that only moms can give.’

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Uziah isn’t going down without a fight, though. He wriggles frustratedly in his seat, before sending one flailing arm straight towards mom’s face.

Uziah – 1, mom and dad – 0.

Despite still being a baby, Uziah has already mastered the art of unbuckling himself from his chair. We bet both Glen and his wife are looking forward to what he gets up to next (not).

“He has proven to me that nothing is baby proof unless it’s bulletproof,” Glen concluded in his commentary.

It wasn’t long before the hilarious video –complete with Glen’s commentary– went viral, and it now has over 9.6 million likes, as well as thousands of comments.

“You and your family are hilarious!!” one TikToker wrote.

“The commentary, the wholesomeness, I’m here for all of it,” another added.

“Omg this is adorable and terrifying. I hope I don’t have kids like this,” a final person joked.

Take a look at the hilarious video for yourself below.

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