3-Year-Old’s “Dinosaurs In Love” Song

January 30th, 2020

When kids are little they’re usually so excited to show off their latest project. Whether it be a new picture they drew or a story they wrote – we as parents tend to respond, “Wow, that’s amazing!” (no matter what).

Sometimes though, kids really do leave us stunned by what they come up with. Just like three-year-old Fenn Rosenthal who wrote a song called “Dinosaurs in Love.” Not only did the tune impress her dad, but it’s also taking the internet by storm and causing a lot of listeners to shed tears too!

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Tom Rosenthal is a singer and songwriter with a recording studio at home in London. One day, his daughter Fenn (who’s nearly four) approached wanting to do an original song.

Rosenthal explained to BuzzFeed News that he’s written songs with his daughters in the past. However, he was surprised that Fenn created one about dinosaurs.

“I genuinely couldn’t tell you why she wanted to do a song about dinosaurs. She’s got no particular affiliation with dinosaurs at all. They’re not something she particularly cares about or not, this is just what was in her head at the time.”

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Fenn’s song “Dinosaurs in Love” is under one minute and she sings it herself. She’s the writer of all the lyrics, while her dad helped with the music and recording.

The subject matter, however, isn’t just a childish vision of dinosaurs like you would expect. It’s actually a story of dino love, then a party that ends tragically with the big bang. Then as Fenn puts it, “…they didn’t say Good-Bye.”

Rosenthal shared that their family had been to the Natural History Museum on a few occasions, but he wasn’t sure how much his daughter really understood dinos and their extinction.

He told BuzzFeed News:

“I was pleased because it was obviously fairly accurate.”

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Pixabay/Waid1995 Source: Pixabay/Waid1995

Rosenthal decided to post “Dinosaurs in Love” on social media and it quickly went viral.

In just a couple of days, it’s been viewed more than four million times on Twitter and has over 210K “Likes.” Numerous Twitter users have also responded with hilarious GIFs featuring people boohooing.

One user named Dams wrote:

“Oh god why did they have to die!?? This is so emotional bless her, bless the dinosaurs bless everyone 😩 no I’m not crying you are”

Bob M. posted:

“Dinosaurs fell in love. But they didn’t say goodbye.” I felt a lump in my throat. Then I thought to myself; “Wait, you’re choking up about Dinosaurs falling in love dude. Get a grip, ok?” It’s fabulous.”

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Twitter/islander Source: Twitter/islander

While “Dinosaurs in Love” has pulled on heartstrings all across the internet, Fenn’s dad recognizes what a great song it is too.

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During his interview with BuzzFeed News, he shared:

“I know what a nice song sounds like and I was like, That’s a really nice song. And it’s quite potent because you’ve got a little [almost] 4-year-old talking about things dying, and so many things are dying currently in the world. I think it’s just kind of evocative of the moment.”

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Instagram/tomrosenthal1 Source: Instagram/tomrosenthal1

We love all the creative things our kids do, regardless if they’re big or small. Sometimes though, they leave us thinking, “Huh, that’s seriously really good!”

You can enjoy Fenn’s song “Dinosaurs in Love” once again by pressing play below. Just keep those tissues nearby.

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Source: Tom Rosenthal, BuzzFeed News