Doctor Helps Birth Baby Still Asleep In Her Amniotic Sac

December 20th, 2018

Giving birth to triplets is amazing in itself. About 1 in 67 pregnancies result in mutiple births.

So one in every 34 children is a twin or triplet.

Women aged 30 to 40 have a higher chance of having triplets since they experience an increase in fertility before the enter the pre-menopausal stage.

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Some websites even offer tips on how you can increase your chances of having triplets. You can find that information here.

Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho was delivering a set of triplets.

It seemed like your typical cesarean delivery of triplets but it turned out to be anything but.

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Two of the babies were born en caul.

This means that the baby is born with their amniotic sac still intact.

So, the baby comes out fully encased.

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According to Mamas Latinas, en caul births make for an easier delivery since it cause less bruising for the baby and mother and protects the child from the mother’s contractions.

En caul, or veiled, births are incredibly rare.

They occur as one in every 80,000 births. The caul refers to a full face mask that is formed by the amniotic fluid that covers the baby’s face at birth. Sometimes babies born in caul are referred to as “caulbearers.”

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Some religious groups believe that caulbearers are born to “serve mankind and guide people to understand themselves and the world within which we live,” according to Mamas Latinas.

Some cultures believe that these children are a “King by right” and that they might even possess special powers like healing or insight.

The caul is also preserved in some cultures. Sailors would buy them for large sums of money in medieval times since they believed that having the veils would protect them from evil and drowning.

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Filho delivered both Joaquim and his sister Adeline who were born en caul. Joaquim was awake when he was born and quickly released from his sack.

His sister, however, was still sound asleep when she was delivered.

Filho actually took a video of the birth which sh0wed the doctors tickling and caressing the sleeping baby. You can see the baby wiggle around peacefully in her sack.

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Eventually, after about seven minutes, Adeline was removed from her sac.

“Yesterday we birthed the triplets! And Joaquim was born veiled (when the waters/sac does not break). We were delighted,” Filho wrote in a caption of his video. “But then came Adeline…she was also born en caul, and left us all admiring her as she slept soundly. We stayed (that way) for seven minutes observing her behavior as if it were still inside her belly. It’s the magic of life.”

You can watch the video of Adeline in her first few minutes in this world below.

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