Mom gives birth to ultra-rare 'super twins' conceived 3 weeks apart and born on same day
"I found out there was a second baby at my 12 weeks scan."
Luis Gaskell

Introducing a new family member might be naturally simple to some couples, but not everyone is as privileged. Some would-be moms just get the short end of the stick and can’t conceive no matter what they do.

U.K woman Rebecca Roberts and her husband tried for a baby for over a year, to no success.

At 38, Rebecca began wondering if her age had something to do with it. Being a wife and potential mom can be anxiety-inducing, especially when it comes to your body. Anyone whose family members have to go to maternity clinics and such would know.

Not giving up, the couple made a trip to a fertility clinic where Roberts received a drug that’d help.

After taking the drug she received from the clinic, she successfully became pregnant during the first cycle on it.

Now things were looking better. Besides, 38 isn’t old at all. Some people really just get the short end of the genetic stick, leading to problems like infertility.

Thank goodness for prescription drugs that help.

Although that wasn’t all of it. Rebecca’s pregnancy came with a bit of a bonus.

To her surprise, her third ultrasound revealed a second baby that wasn’t seen before.

“This is the fun part. I found out there was a second baby at my 12 weeks scan.”

Was it there the whole time? They doubted it. How is that even possible? Whatever the case, she had twins in her womb now.

“I was so shocked, I didn’t feel real at all. It was a good job I was laying on the couch or I would have fainted on the floor.” – Rebecca continued

The doctors hadn’t seen anything like this before and were properly stumped. There was a size difference with the twins too.

“It was really, really shocking to be told there were two babies instead of one. Then they told me there was a three-week size difference between the two babies that the doctors couldn’t understand.” – Roberts said to Good Morning America

What happened to Roberts is known as a superfetation. It’s incredibly rare.

The mechanisms behind it are easy to explain, even though it’s such a rare occurrence. Another egg is fertilized in the womb days or weeks after the first one, and they end up developing together like normal.

Extraordinary is truly the word. And this would make quite the story to tell the twins when they’re older.

It already makes for quite the story to tell on the news. Both CBS and Good Morning America have covered it.

The twins were named Noah and Rosalie. The older, bigger one is Noah.

They were born on September 17th, 2020 like a typical pair of twins. The only thing not so typical is the pregnancy their mom went through with them.

Due to the extraordinary pregnancy, some of the doctors were worried about the girl.

“There was speculation from one doctor that there was something wrong with Rosalie and she may not survive when she was born. They tested me for viruses and infections as I thought this might be why Rosalie is small but the test came back completely clear.”

But as we saw, Rebecca eventually carried them to term and gave birth as normal.

No one would ever guess they were twins, and this has led to some funny interactions according to Rebecca.

They get a lot of β€œOh look it’s twins… Oh, no it’s not”, from random people.

Even if Noah and Rosalie weren’t the one-in-a-million twins they are, they’re still the only thing their mom needs them to be – her loving children. Rebecca and Rhys asked for a child, and they got more than that in the most extraordinary way.

“When we lay them down next to each other, it’s like they instantly know and they reach out and touch each other’s faces and it’s just the most beautiful thing.”

I can’t wait till the pair are old enough to realize the remarkable circumstances of their birth. For now, they can just cry, play, crawl, and give their mom messes to clean up.

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