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Heartwarming moment ex-foster child asks family he met at a car dealership to adopt him
He said, "Family's not's love." ❤️
D.G. Sciortino

No family is perfect. Everyone has their ups and downs and shortcomings.

But if there’s love in you’re family, you’re richer than a lot of people out there.

We, unfortunately, live in a world where some children aren’t brought up with love.

Not only are they not brought up with love but some children are even abused.

But even if you didn’t grow up with a biological, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a loving family later in life.

Davon Woods found his forever family at the age of 27 and asked them to be his forever family.

YouTube Screenshot - SWNS
YouTube Screenshot - SWNS

Woods’ mom didn’t even know she was pregnant with twins. She was abusing crack cocaine at time.

So, her boys were born weighing only 2 lbs. with drugs in their system.

They were considered “crack babies.”

They were taken from their mother and placed with the department of social services.

Website Screenshot - Foster Kids Matter
Website Screenshot - Foster Kids Matter

Their other family members tried to gain custody of them but weren’t able to.

They were then placed with an abusive foster family.

They were never told they were loved and would be beaten for minor issues.

The verbal abuse they endured was equally damaging, if not more.

They were just a check to this new “family,” which was anything but.

This led Woods to multiple suicide attempts. He says the only reason he didn’t go through with it was because of his brother.

They met their biological cousin by chance at a mall when they were 17.

He said that his family had been looking for them for years.

By 18 and 19, they were selling drugs and using drugs and sex to try to forget about the pain they endured in their life.

“We always wanted to do something positive in life, but our past had us messed up so bad and we didn’t know what love was. For this reason, it was so hard to love others,” Woods said.

After seeing many people die living the “street life” they were introduced to church.

That’s when they decided to turn their lives around and help others in the foster care system.

They ended up working for a group home and spending a lot of time with kids who grew up in situations just like they did.

YouTube Screenshot - SWNS
YouTube Screenshot - SWNS

But they eventually realized the system was harming kids instead of helping him.

So, they started their own organization called Foster Kids Matter to offer transitional housing to kids aging out of foster care.

They even started walking from Chesterfield to the Virginia state capitol then Washington D.C. to raise awareness.

“I realized we are their voice and they need people like us. Fighting for kids in the foster care system is my passion and I love being the voice for the children who are voiceless. These innocent kids are being abused, raped, molested, neglected, beat to death, and so much more. Our mission is to build the biggest facility in the world for kids in the system and give them a life they never had,” Woods said.

YouTube Screenshot - SWNS
YouTube Screenshot - SWNS

It wasn’t until 2021 when Woods met the Wilkinsons while selling them a car that he found his forever family.

Over time, he bonded with them and they treated him as their own inviting him over for his birthday and Thanksgiving.

They became his family.

To show them his gratitude he asked if they would adopt him and if he could take on their last name. Though an official adoption hasn’t taken place, they are still every bit family.

The moment he popped the question was filmed.

He hopes the video will show others it’s never too late to find your forever family.

Learn more about Foster Kids Matter here.

Click the video below to see the heartwarming moment for yourself!

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