Family welcomes its first baby girl in 138 years
The long wait is finally over.
Caryl Jane Espiritu

Every pregnancy, whether carrying a boy or a girl, is a blessing to each family.

However, one Michigan family has wished to have a little girl in their direct line – for one interesting reason.

Pexels - Amina Filkins
Pexels - Amina Filkins

It has been 138 years since the last girl was born into the Clark family.

For a long time, each pregnancy in the family’s direct line has always been a boy.

It was always a blessing to welcome such cute little men, but it would surely be better if the family had both sexes born into their line.

The family started thinking that having a girl was nearly impossible, but fate had other plans.

On March 17, little Audrey Clark was finally born.

Carolyn married Andrew without knowing that his family line had consistently produced boys.

She had no idea that Andrew’s direct ascendants were all male.

She was initially shocked to learn about it and thought their story might differ.

However, they discovered they were having a boy when they first got pregnant.

It made her question whether the “boys only” trend would continue with them too.

Carolyn gave birth to Cameron, and when he was four years old, the couple decided to try getting pregnant again, wishing they would finally have a girl.

The couple suffered two miscarriages but were blessed to find out Carolyn was pregnant again.

Would it be a girl this time?

Like any mom-to-be, Carolyn was so excited for her baby on the way.

But she knew she was more excited to find out the gender.

And the other family members were too.

The family had a simple gender reveal party, and everyone had their own opinion on what the baby’s gender would be.

Would they have another boy?

Or maybe, just maybe, a girl would finally emerge from Andrew’s direct line.

Everyone was silent as they took a bite of the cookies that had the answer.

And when everyone saw the color of the cookie’s filling, they just went ballistic.

It was pink!

The Clarks will finally be having a baby girl after 138 long years!

It was such great news, and the couple was so excited not only for themselves but for the family.

Carolyn was due to give birth in March, and true to her due date, she delivered little Audrey on St. Patrick’s Day.

“We kept it a secret to ourselves as well,” Andrew told GMA.

“So I just assumed it was going to be blue in the center of the cookies.”

After so many years of having only boys, the family is excited to finally have a girl.

But naming her would be quite a challenge.

The couple finally decided to name her Audrey.

“We’re so happy that she’s finally here and once again,” Carolyn said.

“That she’s healthy and that everything went well with the delivery.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this family’s blessing!

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