Mom Gives Birth To Family's First Boy In 50 Years
Her mom's side of the family hadn't given birth to a boy in 50 years. The streak was bound to end at some point
Jonathan Maes

Some family traditions aren’t easily broken. Dana Crouch from Columbus, Georgia works as a labor and delivery nurse and was extremely excited to find out one day that she was pregnant herself and expecting a second child.

Of course, because of Dana’s profession, it’s easily assumable that she knew what to expect when she gave birth to her baby. However, her quite shocked reaction the moment she gave life to a beautiful baby boy definitely proves otherwise.

Neely Ker-Fox
Neely Ker-Fox

It was a heartwarming and fantastically sweet surprise for Dana, as she was absolutely convinced she was having a baby girl.

“I just knew I was having a girl,” Dana told TODAY.

Dana was quite convinced because no woman in her family has given birth to a baby boy in more than fifty years – the streak of baby girls was remarkable and she didn’t think it would be broken.

Neely Ker-Fox
Neely Ker-Fox

The young woman already gave birth three years ago to daughter Neyland, and decided not to find out what the baby’s gender was before birth. As she believed in the family tradition of only giving birth to baby girls, she just assumed they were having a girl.

After hours of labor, the expression on Dana’s face is absolutely incredible when she finds out it’s a boy.

Neely Ker-Fox
Neely Ker-Fox

Family friend Neely Ker-Fox was present when Dana delivered the baby and also took a number of photographs, which resulted in this incredible view of Dana’s face.

Neely, who has plenty of experience working as a birth photographer, told TODAY that she had seen surprises, but Dana by far hard the most genuine reaction and called Dana’s reaction “sweet” and “motherly”.

“Five minutes before it was time to start pushing, the couple again started thinking about the possibility of a boy,” Neely said.

When the midwife announced that the baby was a boy, Neely recalls that her friend couldn’t believe it and was extremely excited. Little Liam was born!

Dana’s job at the same hospital her son was born in certainly puts things in perspective for her.

“As a labor and delivery nurse, you get the emotions going on in the room … you sometimes bond a lot when you’ve been taking care of someone for 12-plus hours, but nothing compares (to) the excitement I felt with Liam.”

Dana Crouch
Dana Crouch

The loving family is currently doing fantastic and little Liam is settling in just fine.

“Liam is doing great! He loves to eat and watch his big sister play … and he loves to smile at his Daddy.”

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