Woman having medical emergency looks up to see car pull up with her 11-yr-old grandson behind wheel

April 27th, 2021

An 11-year-old boy named PJ came to the rescue recently when his grandma was faced with a medical emergency. The two of them were out on a walk about a mile from their home, when all of a sudden, things took a turn for the worse.

PJ noticed that his grandma was struggling and feeling weak.

Once she began shaking and seeing spots in her vision, it was clear what was happening. Her blood sugar was dropping too low. She was experiencing hypoglycemia and needed immediate treatment with glucose.

Posted by Angela Brewer-Laye on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Luckily, PJ knew exactly what to do.

Grandma Angela Brewer-Laye explained to 11 Alive News that her grandson’s high-octane approach turned out to be both effective and exhilarating.

Posted by Angela Brewer-Laye on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

“He noticed my demeanor, and right when I was about to go down to the ground, that’s when he springs into action,” she said.

PJ sprinted back to the home, grabbed the keys for the Mercedes-Benz in the garage, and immediately started driving.

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He and his grandma regularly spend time outside together.

Brewer-Laye does her exercises, and PJ rides around on his go-kart or on his dirt bike. We imagine that’s where he picked up some of his amazing driving skills.

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Luckily, it wasn’t a race.

While you might expect an 11-year-old to simply put the pedal to the metal, PJ drove the Mercedes back to his grandma, patiently, and with class.

“I made it to the stop sign. I was leaning against the stop sign, and all of a sudden, I look to my right, and I see my car; my Mercedes-Benz coming towards me!

Just in an easy, calm, manner, it was coming towards me. And I looked in the car and it was PJ,” said Brewer-Laye.

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YouTube Screenshot / Angela Brewer-Laye Source: YouTube Screenshot / Angela Brewer-Laye

PJ carefully navigated down the road to get to where his grandma was located.

Then he picked her up and drove her back to the home — easy-peasy!

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YouTube Screenshot / Angela Brewer-Laye Source: YouTube Screenshot / Angela Brewer-Laye

He didn’t even hit anything, which is quite an impressive feat for an 11-year-old.

In the video of his driving mission, you can clearly see how focused he was!

“He drove me home, and he pulled in the driveway. And when I say he pulled in the driveway so precise, because my driveway is kind of narrow…

He didn’t go up the curb, in the grass, nothing. He pulled in the driveway, in the garage, and helped me out the car,” said. Brewer Laye.

Posted by Angela Brewer-Laye on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

PJ arrived just in time to save her!

The first thing PJ did after getting home was run inside and get his grandma some glucose tablets as well as a peanut butter sandwich.

“He’s an extra special little boy! He has humble ways. And he doesn’t ask for nothing in return,” she said.

As a reward, Brewer-Laye plans on taking him out to dinner for crab legs. That’s his favorite dish.

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While having an 11-year-old get behind the wheel does sound a little bit risky, in this case, PJ did have a small amount of experience beforehand. In addition to his go-karts and dirt bikes, PJ was once allowed to park a few of their cars in the grass in the backyard. He was supervised, of course.

This is the first time that PJ ever got to drive on a real road by himself alone.

There were several other less flashy cars in the garage to choose from for the rescue mission that day, but surprising no one, PJ went straight for the Mercedes-Benz.

Check out the full news story about the 11-year-old driving below.

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