Kids are in middle of singing for camera unaware little brother stealing the show in the background

January 13th, 2021

Every family has a “class clown” in the bunch. Sometimes it’s Dad with his goofy dad jokes. Other times it might be the seemingly “innocent” little girl that is really the devil in disguise.

But, if there are any ornery boys running around, then it’s probably a good bet that one of them is going to cause some trouble at some point.

And this funny video of a little boy “bro-bombing” his siblings is a perfect example of how brotherly love is on an entirely different level!

Siblings Kate and Liam were just trying to sing a duet to Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” as mom recorded their performance. The emphasis here is on the word try.

Because unbeknownst to them, there was a sneaky sibling about to put a seriously funny wrench in their plans of internet stardom.

If you have a brother, then you probably already know that they come with a bag of mixed emotions. Sometimes they hate and pick on you, and other times they want to love and protect you like you’re worth a million bucks.

But for the mischievous little brother in this family, the only thing he was interested in was being the center of attention.

And we have to admit…even though it was at poor Kate and Liam’s expense, we can’t stop laughing!

Both Kate and Liam, who are seen sitting on the bed in one of their bedrooms, look nervous at the start of the video. Liam had his eyes closed while Kate’s were darting around the room.

They needn’t have worried about their pre-performance jitters, because all eyes were about to be on their obnoxious younger brother, Johnny.

Lying on the bed behind Liam and Kate is their little sister, who seems to be taking a nap. But as the two being to sing, their girl can be heard slapping her hand on her leg in unison to the beat.

No one notices when their little turd of a brother pops up from his hiding place on the floor and starts dancing and lip-syncing right behind their backs.

Oh, brother!

Isn’t it amazing how siblings can be such a pain in the butt, and yet still crack us up at the same time?

In medieval times, someone with Johnny’s penchant for nutty behavior would have been destined to become the fool of the King’s court.

But in today’s world, a backup dancer/musical comedy show might be in his near future.

Kate and Liam were probably pretty annoyed to learn after the fact that Johnny had been the real star of their performance. Even more amazing is that mom, who was behind the camera, managed to reign in her laughter!

But, at least the singing siblings will have something to show their kids when they explain to them how Uncle Johnny is the “special” one of the family!

Check out the video below to see how Johnny crashed his brother and sister’s duet to become the star of his own comedy act!

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Source: YouTube