Mom finally gives birth to a baby girl after 16 years and 10 sons

September 25th, 2019

The Brett family from England is one unique bunch. For starters, the brood is much larger than the average family in the United Kingdom. While most households typically have just about 1.9 kids, the Bretts had ten.

What’s even more unusual is that all of them are boys.

But recently, their family grew even bigger with the coming of a new surprising member – a baby girl.

Eleventh time’s the charm

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mrsbrett79 via Instagram Source: mrsbrett79 via Instagram

After giving birth to ten boys in a row, thirty-seven-year-old Alexis Brett and her husband, David, were finally blessed with their first daughter.

According to Alexis, she first suspected that she was pregnant once again during last year’s holiday season. She confirmed her suspicions with a home pregnancy test. Perhaps due to experience, the mom expected that her eleventh child would be a boy as well.

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mrsbrett79 via Instagram Source: mrsbrett79 via Instagram

And oh boy was she wrong. The results of a gender scan revealed that after fifteen years and ten sons, she was about to give birth to a girl.

Although she was shocked by the revelation, Alexis said that she and David were

“over the moon”

and delighted by the news.

Alexis spoke about it with The Daily Mail:

“It’s a fantastic feeling!”

Welcoming Cameron

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mrsbrett79 via Instagram Source: mrsbrett79 via Instagram

Their little angel came in August and was given the name Cameron, reportedly after the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress Cameron Diaz.

Meanwhile, Alexis joked about stopping at her daughter and said that she means it this time. The mother also said that she loves her big family as it is now.

Cameron is welcomed by ten big brothers, the eldest is seventeen years old. That gives Cameron and her eldest brother, Campbell, a whopping sixteen-year age difference.

Considering how young some of her other brothers are, it’s safe to say that she’ll still have someone to play with in a few years’ time.

Her other brothers are two-year-old Rothagaidh, three-year-old Blake, five-year-old Mack, six-year-old Hunter, eight-year-old Brahn, nine-year-old Brodie, 11-year-old Lachlan, 14-year-old Corey and 16-year-old Harrison.

The once-again new parents say that they’ve noticed how their daughter has made a positive impact on their boys already. As David shared, the brothers are now better behaved when around Cameron and are helpful when it comes to caring for their sister.

Meanwhile, Alexis clarified that they weren’t really consciously trying to conceive a girl and that they would have been fine with it if they ended up with another boy to add to their family.

Dealing with a large family

She also revealed how, as an only child herself, she never planned on having such a big family. Still, Alexis says that she loves it now and can’t imagine what life would be like with a small family. What’s more, she admitted to enjoying buying her first daughter pink things.

The mother of eleven also talked about the comments they get for having an unconventionally large family. She talked about how people would assume that they live on welfare despite her husband having a good-paying job. Fortunately, she’s not bothered by these anymore.

For now, the family is enjoying their time with their little one. Cameron currently sleeps in her parents’ bedroom. However, she might get her own room soon as her big brothers eventually start moving out of their five-bedroom home.

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mrsbrett79 via Instagram Source: mrsbrett79 via Instagram

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