Mom Shares Thank You Letter To Grandparents Show Love

July 25th, 2019

Running a family with children around can be a very heavy and demanding task, there probably isn’t a single parent on the planet that would deny that. The unconditional love you get makes it all worth it, but sometimes some help from the grandparents can make a huge difference in one’s daily life.

One mom, Elizabeth Broadbent, realized just how much her grandparents meant to her, her spouse and her family.

She decided to praise them in an open letter, which was seen and liked by thousands.

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Elizabeth hopes that other parents and grandparents will realize what kind of a special impact they have on their lives, as well as the lives of the children.

The mom of three boys starts her letter with a story about wanting to go to a concert of The Pixies, one of her favorite music bands. Their rendition of ‘Africa’ by Toto was especially liked in the home, including the children! Mom and dad were thrilled to go to the concert together and to have a little bit of alone time, but there wasn’t a single available babysitter in town.

“My husband and I had been psyched about the concert for months. Months. The Pixies are one of our favorite bands, and Weezer is up there in my top five.”

“Since pretty much everyone we knew in town was going to the concert — especially all our friends with kids, who grew up listening to “Buddy Holly,” “Surf Wax America,” and “El Scorcho,” — babysitters were nonexistent. Zip. Nada. All booked. Except we were lucky. We had a grandparent in town.”

Having a grandparent nearby is a true lifesaver, and Elisabeth can’t be more thankful for that.

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Her mother showed up at their home early, so that Elizabeth and her husband would have plenty of time to grab some food at a restaurant (and memorize the lyrics to the songs). And the kids weren’t bored at all – grandma decided to claim the kitchen as she was preparing delicious brownies with the three boys. Afterward, she gave them a bath and put them to bed to finish the day.

“We returned after 11 p.m. to find their grandma sitting on the couch, playing on her iPad. “They’re in bed,” she said. She left us the rest of the brownies.”

Having a grandparent nearby is a fantastic help, and Elisabeth knows that not everyone realizes that and appreciates having them around.

It’s the one-on-one time with your spouse that Elisabeth appreciates the most. Ever since the two lovebirds had children, they only had two dates together without anyone nearby, but that all changed when Elizabeth’s mom moved into town.

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“This is what happens when you have a grandparent who shows up.”

“You get actual date nights. My mother moved into town just this summer, so my husband and I did life with kids for nine years without family nearby. We literally had two dates in that entire span of time. You try finding sitters for three boys with ADHD. I tried sitter-finding services, but was always disappointed for one reason or another. Now that my mom’s here, we can go out regularly. Because we have a grandparent willing to show up and pitch in, my husband and I get time to ourselves. This helps our marriage significantly. Our resident grandparent is an integral part of our village, and we’re so grateful. She helps our marriage stay where it needs to be.”

And the bond that they have with the kids is unique and practically indescribable.

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“My mother treats my sons like tiny monarchs. She always carries cans of freaking Pringles in her purse for them,” Broadbent says. “Every time they come over, she hands them small presents. Lego minifigs. Tiny notebooks. Pez dispensers. And when dessert rolls around, there are at least three options.”

Aside from making life significantly easier at some times, having grandparents around regularly has been proven to have a positive effect on the grandchildren. Grandpa and grandma are seen are role models and kids will always share a special connection with them.

Elizabeth concludes her letter by hoping that everyone who reads it and can relate to it, would take a moment to thank their parents and let them know just how much they mean to them.

“A grandparent who shows up isn’t just showing up for the kids,” she wrote. “They’re showing up for all of you.” If you’re lucky enough to have a grandparent who “shows up,” take a minute to thank them today.

“And when they show up for you, you show up for them. When my mom needs camping equipment for her Sisters on the Fly trips, we’re there. When she needed a new fly-fishing reel, my husband, in a gesture that still brings me close to tears for its pure sweetness, bought her a new one from Amazon. When she was sick, I brought her dinner in the middle of a storm. You show up for sickness. You show up to nail on roof tiles. You show up to hang pictures and decorate trees and run errands. You just show the hell up.”

“You don’t do it because you have to. You do it because you love them.”

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“A grandparent who shows up is one of the most amazing things a family can have”, Elizabeth concluded.

You can check out Elizabeth’s full letter over here.

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