Mom recounts hilarious mishap at store involving her dress & purse & can barely hold it together
I laughed so hard. I would have been so embarrassed if this happened to me! 😂
D.G. Sciortino

On some days, you just can’t win. But that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes it makes for a good laugh and a funny memory.

For Mary Katherine Backstrom, it made for one hell of a story that ended up going viral.

What happened to Mary was just so hilarious that her friend Meredith Masony had to share the video of her explaining the story on Facebook.

While the story was totally hilarious to use, it wasn’t completely for poor Mary.

She was kind of laugh/crying at the start of her video.

“So, I’ve called my best friend and I’m just crying and I don’t know if I’m crying because I’m sad, I don’t know if I’m crying because it’s funny. I don’t know, I’m just crying.”

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Either way, Mary, who is a blogger, speaker, and author, is just hysterically laughing while recounting her story via video.

Here we have a woman who, like the rest of us, has been stuck inside our homes and isolated from some of the things in life that bring us balance and joy.

Mary, who had a mastectomy and is a breast cancer survivor, just wanted to enjoy her time out of the house during a trip to the grocery store

She was all jazzed up in her new dress and new pocketbook.

This was probably a real treat if she’s been living pandemic life in comfy clothes for months.

“This morning I had my crap together. Ya’ll had been so nice that I have been wearing it every day,” she said about her new dress. “It makes me feel so pretty. It makes me feel so pretty I wear it.”

This woman looked so sweet talking about her dress as she was almost in tears.

She figured it would be a good idea to go to the grocery store instead of spending the extra money to have the groceries shipped to her house.

So, she grabbed her cart and went on into the store. Eventually, she gets tired of carrying the purse and tosses it into the front of the cart where a child can sit.

Mary is telling her story and wiping tears from her face from laughing so hard.

She’s about to get to the good part.

“I throw my purse into the cart and my dress goes up into the cart. So, I yank it [her dress]as hard as I can and look what I did. I yanked it hard because my panties are showing and it riped completely.”

Mary’s dress got caught in the zipper of her purse and tore when she yanked it. This poor woman ripped her dress from the bottom, through the middle, up to her bra line.

“When I heard that rip I just thought that my old lady body was farting,” she said basically yelling her story and screaming with laugher at this point in her video. “Like have you ever seen a dog pass gas and it acts surprised by it.”

But she didn’t fart. She just accidentally tore her dress in half in public. Mary then put the cereal in her cart back on her shelf and walked out of the store holding the cart against herself to keep her dressed closed.

Mind you she had just come from the doctor’s office, telling the doctor that she was depressed because she had gained so much weight recently, which hasn’t been uncommon during the pandemic.

So, Mary was kind of feeling a little self-conscious about her tummy which she, along with her undies, is now desperately trying to cover and not reveal to a grocery store full of complete strangers.

At this point, all she has to do is walk herself and her cart out of the store and make it to her car before anyone can catch on to the fact that she’s almost half-naked in public.

But not so fast.

A very polite man who works at the store stops Mary and offers to take the empty cart, telling her she doesn’t need to take it if it’s empty.


She lied and told him she was coming right back and “I really like this cart.” YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!

Believe it or not, this story gets funnier. Not only does she have to walk out to her car, but since she was trying to be healthy she parked all the way in the very back of the parking lot!

“I get into my car and I’m like ‘Oh, thank God!'” she explains.


Then she realizes that she didn’t put her cart back where the carts go.

So, Mary got out of the cart and put the cart back because she read an article online about how people who don’t return grocery carts are “sociopaths” and she just wanted to be a “good girl.”

And as she’s running back to her car, her dress flies up behind her like a cape “and I look like maternity Batman.” Yup! That happened. You have to hear Mary tell this one herself in the video below.

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