Mom’s unusual and unique genetic condition gets passed down to her son
The pair's striking look has earned them lots of followers online.
Laura Shallcross

Heterochromia iridum is a condition that you’ve probably never heard of before, since it only affects around 200,000 people out of the whole US population.

The rare condition causes a variation in coloration in the iris of the eye. It can be inherited, or caused by disease or injury.

There’s no denying that people with heterochromia iridum are blessed with a uniqueness that truly sets them apart.

Having different colored irises gives a captivating appearance, and one mom and her son with the condition have reached Instagram fame because of how beautiful they both look.

Elizabeth Tyler, of Ohio, and her one-year-old son Liam Mexus both have heterochromia iridum, which has affected their eyes differently.

While Elizabeth’s eyes are a mix of blue and brown, Liam has one brown eye and one eye that’s blue and black.

Though the condition is incredibly rare, with it being genetic, Elizabeth’s siblings and fathers were also born with unique irises.

The condition isn’t usually linked to any health concerns in humans, though it can sometimes be an indication of a lack of pigment in the hair or skin.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about her eye color, Elizabeth said:

“I love my eyes because they are unique. It’s okay to be different.”

With more than 15,000 followers on Instagram, it’s common for Elizabeth’s eyes to attract strangers’ attention.

Elizabeth appreciates the love and support she receives from those who follow her journey on social media, but she’s also keen to educate and inspire others about her condition, especially after her own rocky past.

She said:

“I was often bullied while growing up and they were a normal part of my life but the response from others brought more attention to them.

“My eyes were a common topic of interest when people who were not used to seeing them. But now, (using social media platform), I feel blessed to be able to inspire others who have the same condition and may be uncomfortable with it.”

Liam is the first of Elizabeth’s children to have inherited her condition – her other four children did not.

Explaining the difference between her eyes and Liam’s, Elizabeth said:

“My son also has heterochromia iridum. [But his eyes] are different than mine. He has one blue eye and the other in mostly brown with two blue sections.”

As you’d expect, despite his rare eye condition, Liam is just a normal little lad.

Elizabeth shares photos and videos of her son on Instagram, and he seems like a typical cheeky toddler!

There are photos of Liam playing with his toys, as well as videos of him getting a bit rowdy with a couple of kiddie musical instruments.

Elizabeth breastfeeds Liam, and is keen to show that every mom and child has their own unique story when it comes to breast milk.

In a recent Instagram post, she wrote:

“The look I give people when they try to force me into stopping our breastfeeding journey….
let’s just stop these types of unwanted conversations…..
and remember everyone’s journey is different….. any type of shaming just isn’t necessary.

“Yes, he will be 2 next month, he’s a big boy and whenever he’s ready, I’ll be ready & that’s when we will stop…. until then our journey continues……

For more stunning photos of Elizabeth and Liam, and cute videos of Liam doing his toddler thing, visit Elizabeth’s Instagram account here.

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