15 parents who found hilarious ways to troll their kids

July 14th, 2021

It’s pretty easy for parents to embarrass their kids. Sometimes all you have to do is exist!

But these parents decided to go the extra mile and really remind their kids that they’re keeping an eye on them – or that they’ve been replaced by the family dog.

Would you ever do any of these 15 things to your kids?

1. Gone to the dogs

My Dad said my dog took over my room after I left for College. He sent me this…

When you leave for college you’re probably worried that your parents will feel lonely and sad at the sight of your empty room.

Not these parents, who decided to turn their child’s room into the dog’s room!

2. Overprotective dad

Very over protective father

This dad decided to take some extreme measures to make sure his child won’t drive carelessly. So he came up with this funny idea.

3. Putting a stop to forgetfulness

Never ask your dad to bring you stuff at school

This kid will never forget anything at home ever again – or at least he won’t ask his parents to bring it to him at school.

We would have loved to see Ryan’s face when he got handed this bag.

4. Oh snap!

I have the coolest parents ever.

Ha! We had to laugh out loud at this one.

These parents have quite a sense of humor.

5. Always watching over you

Yikes – that’s some blanket!

We have the feeling that she doesn’t keep this in the bedroom anyway – but we bet she shows it to guests just because it’s so ridiculous.

6. Rewritten

Found at my parents. Should I laugh or cry? [OC]

Chances are nothing noteworthy happened on your first birthday anyway.

It certainly wasn’t more exciting than Ghostbusters II!

7. Embar(ass)ing

What I love about my parents is that after 41 years of marriage, they still know how to embarrass their kids.

Can’t imagine how embarrassed their kids were when the parents posed like this for the photo.

But who could resist?

8. Playing dress-up

My youngest brother got a new phone and took a selfie. My dad and brother and I liked how it looked. from funny

This will stop you from thinking you’re too cool.

9. Someone to watch over me

My sister went to Military Ball… my dad wanted in from funny

Way to be creepy, dad.

At least he can be easily cropped out.

10. Extending our patience

My uncle and dad found my cousin’s hair extensions, and sent the whole family glamour shots. from funny

Definitely wash those extensions before you wear them again. You never quite know what’s been in a guy’s beard.

But we do think this guy is a hoot.

11. Stay sexy

My dad felt the need to show his dominance over my sister’s boyfriend. from funny

Dad just wants you to know that if you think you’re sexy, you can thank your parents for it.

Where do you think you got it from, after all?

12. Playful photoshoot

My parents went on a hike where I had my senior picture taken…they came back with this… from funny

Apparently, dad didn’t feel entirely comfortable seeing his little girl in her senior photos, so he took a bit of the appeal away by re-enacting them.

She’ll probably never strike this pose again.

13. Awkward carbs

My younger brother brought a girl for the first time to my birthday family dinner.

Don’t say it with flowers, say it on a cake so that’s it’s embarrassing AND delicious.

14. Playing favorites

My parents always said they love their kids equally, but that is hard to believe when I come home for Christmas to this. from funny

It seems pretty obvious that Rosie is the favorite child. And also that Rosie is the dog.

15. When your in-laws are punks

My parents made my wife a stocking for Christmas. from funny

Always be nice to your sons and daughters-in-law. Otherwise punking them is bound to come back around and punk you right back!

Still, this is pretty funny. We just hope it was a clean sock.


Parents can be a real hoot sometimes. Of course, it may take a little time and reflection to find them funny.

But since it was children who posted these photos, we think the jokes went over just fine.

Want to see some really mortifying parents? Be sure to scroll down below.

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Source: Reddit – r/funny, Imgur