Mom with giant baby bump knows just how to respond when internet voices remarks about her stomach
This is Eliana's second pregnancy and she says that for her first she was just as big.
Irene Markianou

Eliana Rodriguez is a 29-year-old Las Vegas-based woman who gave birth to her second child only a month ago.

And, while she had a perfect pregnancy, her “huge” baby bump seemed to concern her Instagram followers, who often asked her if everything was okay or if she was carrying more babies without knowing it.

Rodriguez knew she was carrying bigger than other women, and she was fine with that.

After all, she had gone through a pregnancy before- her daughter Sofia is now three years old- and, as she explained, she carried big back then as well.

However, many people didn’t seem to care about how Eliana would feel when she saw their comments full of unsolicited opinions, so they went on writing how big her belly looked and that she should visit a doctor.

“Quit lying to her. That’s HUGE” someone commented below a post, while someone else wrote: “Beautiful but wow it does look like twins…or even triplets.”

Others found it appropriate to ask if she had diastasis recti or other conditions, but the woman kept telling them that she did not.

While it is true that bumps that are bigger than what is thought of as normal could potentially be a sign that something is wrong, this is not always the case.

As Dr. Kiarra King, an OBGYN in Chicago, Ill., explains, maternal diabetes and malformations in fetal anatomy can result in excess amniotic fluid, which is the liquid inside the amniotic sac protecting the baby.

Too much amniotic fluid is called “polyhydramnios” and it occurs in one to two percent of pregnancies. Although it is not really an emergency, it should be checked regularly because it can cause preterm labor.

Unsplash - Clay Banks
Unsplash - Clay Banks

However, Rodriguez’s pregnancy was not even a case of polyhydramnios. as she explained, doctors checked the amniotic fluid and the baby’s size and it was all perfectly fine.

The reason why her belly was bigger than what we are used to is simply the size of her body and how it grows.

“I wondered why my belly was bigger than other women,” Rodriguez told Today Parents. “My doctors said it was normal because I am only 4’11 and have a shorter torso.”

As the mom-of-two said, she carried big babies in both her pregnancies. She added that both her children weighed 8.3 pounds at birth, while her son measured 20.5 inches at birth and her daughter 19.5.

As for the people who share their comments without taking into account her feelings, she admits that she’s kind of used to them.

“I’m aware that some people lack compassion for others,” said Rodriguez. β€œI am a woman of faith and … I feel so bad for people saying hateful comments.”

What a bad habit to give opinions when they are not asked. Let’s try to be more empathetic and keep some of our thoughts to ourselves.

Watch one of Rodriguez’s funny videos about her big baby bump below.

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