Premature baby only weighed one pound, 100 days later heads home happy and healthy

November 1st, 2019

Some of the strongest fighters are those who have to fight for their first breath.

Meeting Fighting Finn

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This little guy came into the world weight just one pound. This was his first day in the world.

The Fight Before Finn’s Arrival

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Chris and Jessica are Finn’s parents, and they are no strangers when it comes to having to fight for what they want most in life.

9 Years of Trying To Conceive

This couple spent 9 years of going through in vitro fertilization so they could have a baby with their own egg and sperm. All of their attempts were futile. This led them to considering embryo adoption.

Baby A and Baby B

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Jessica was only ten weeks into her embryo adopted pregnancy when she lost Baby B. Then, when she reached week 24, she was carrying Baby A (Finn) when her water broke, and she gave birth to this amazing one-pound wonder.

A Micro Preemie

Based on Finn’s weight, he was classed as a micro-preemie. This meant he was in for a longer hospital stay.

Finn’s Journey

Finn was moved to the level four NICU unite at Nemours Children’s Hospital after a few weeks of his birth.

Jessica’s Struggle

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One can only imagine what Jessica must have been feeling. According to her, she felt as though she had failed Finn because when she was carrying him in her womb, she felt like she was protecting him, and once he came into the world, he was apart from her in another section of the Hospital.

The Next Few Months

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The next few months were a constant battle for Finn.

He needed two surgeries, with one being for a hole in his heart and another for a condition known as necrotizing enterocolitis, which often affects the preemie’s bowels.

One Month Later

It was a full month before Jessica got to hold her son for the first time.

The Big Day

As Finn became four months old, he was finally released from the hospital, coming out with a weight of 5 pounds 5 ounces. It was a big day of celebration.

Finn and His Big Grin

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In spite of all that Finn went through, he is a placid baby that is a great sleeper, and Mom says he always has a grin on his face.

If anyone has the right to smile, its Finn because this little guy beat all the odds. He has more than earned the name “Fighting Finn”.

Not The Smallest Baby

It is hard to believe that any infant weighing less than Finn could survive, but she did.

Baby Saybie

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Baby Saybie ( not her real name) has earned the title of being the smallest baby to be born and to live. Her weight at birth was 8.6 ounces. And was only 9 inches long

She was born seventeen weeks early in December 2018. Mom ran into some serious health risks, and Saybie had to be delivered by emergency c-section.

These truly are the champions of the world!

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