Princess Charlotte sticks her tongue out at crowd

August 20th, 2019

The royal children are used to crowds and cameras, and usually, they’re surprisingly well-behaved for such young kiddos. But royal or not, they’re still young.

Princess Charlotte, for example, is only 4 years old.

She’s usually on pretty good behavior for the paparazzi, although she’s known for having a bit of attitude, too. During the christening of her younger brother Prince Louis in summer 2018, for example, she smartly told the cameramen they weren’t invited to his party afterward.

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Now, the cute little princess is making more people laugh with her behavior at The King’s Cup Royal Regatta in early August 2019.

As her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge encouraged her to wave out the window at the onlookers, Charlotte responded with a much more age-appropriate gesture — sticking her tongue out.

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It’s a gesture any preschooler knows well.

Immediately, her mother pulled her away from the window. But although she gave her daughter a gentle chiding, the duchess also couldn’t help but break into laughter. Who couldn’t, at such a cute little girl?

Later on, the princess met up with her older brother, Prince George, and the two of them continued to act silly, pulling more goofy faces. At 4 and 6 years old, there’s probably little they enjoy more.

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It’s far from the first time that Princess Charlotte has made us laugh with her adorable antics.

Back at her uncle Harry’s wedding in May 2018, she executed a perfect royal wave. And no wonder, she’s got some flawless role models to look up to!

But even though it might have been, well, a less-than-royal moment, people everywhere thought it was pretty adorable.

“She’s cute as a button, kind of a cheeky little bugger too,” said one commenter. “I like the kid. I’m glad her mother saw the humour in it.”

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Others say the princess’s behavior reminded them of her uncle, Prince Harry, or her late grandmother, Princess Diana, both of whom have been known for their playful spirit.

“I thought she was cute,” said another commenter. “She has a fun personality. Kate looks stunning and is a great mother.”

Other reports said that the princess was actually sticking her tongue out at her grandfather, Michael Middleton, who was down in the crowd. It was a sweet moment of silliness between grandfather and granddaughter, even if it was a little less than dignified!

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The King’s Cup was a charitable event designed to raise money for eight charities of the royal family’s choosing, including Child Bereavement UK and Action on Addiction.

The event’s website states:

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“The event took place on Thursday 8th August on the Isle of Wight and saw The Duke and Duchess go head to head as skippers of individual sailing boats, in an eight-boat regatta race. The winning team, Tusk, was awarded The King’s Cup, a historic trophy first presented by King George V at Cowes’ Royal Yacht Squadron in 1920.”

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