20 reasons why it’s actually a great idea to leave dad alone with the kids

May 24th, 2021

It can be easy to poke fun at wild photos of dads taking care of their kids in interesting ways. From balancing a video game controller on top of them or tossing them up in the air a wee bit too high, these pics are all around the internet.

Although there are many jokes about the silly things that happen when “dad’s left alone with the kids” – it’s all in good fun. Frankly, dads can be pretty AMAZING when it comes to taking care of their little ones!

Here’s why dads SHOULD be left alone with the kids:

1. They’ll dress up (in just about anything!) to make their children happy

We could probably write an entire piece just about dads willing to dress up like princesses to amuse their children.

And while it’s certainly not a pre-requisite for being a good parent, it sure is sweet to see these dads go the extra mile.

2. They’re sure to make them laugh

Whether it’s giving tickles or giving strawberries or just telling the best jokes or making the best faces, dads love to make their little ones laugh.

After all, smiling and laughing are good for you!

3. They’ll make sure bathtime’s a blast

Bathtime can get a little stressful, but this dad sure found a way to make it fun for everyone.

We bet these photos put a smile on mom’s face when she saw them (they were certainly amusing enough for her to post online).

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Imgur - MelissaNas Source: Imgur - MelissaNas

4. They’ll help get things organized

It can be fun to make a mess, but sometimes you need to get the house in order. Enter the label maker.

We can’t promise the house will be clean after dad is done using it, but you’ll definitely be able to tell your baby apart from everything else in the house!

5. They’ll always be there to catch them, no matter what

So many dads like to encourage adventure and watch their kids take the leap. Of course, the best dads are there to be a safety net as well.

6. They’ll give the other parent something to laugh about when they get home

There’s nothing like coming home to a little prank. This one is a bit grim, but once you become a parent you tend to have a more flexible sense of humor, even if it’s just from exhaustion alone.

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Imgur - Iwokeupdeadthismorning Source: Imgur - Iwokeupdeadthismorning

7. They’ll inspire you to use your makeup in ways you never thought of

We hope dad chose the cheap eyeshadow for this!

But to be fair, we’ve never thought of contouring ourselves that way.

8. They’re always up for some fun selfies

Silly photos make the best treasures years later.

Instead of always being asked to sit still and smile (which never results in a realistic-looking pic), some dads tend to go a little more informal.

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9. They’ll help them follow their dreams

This dad let his esthetician daughter practice on him during the COVID lockdown so she didn’t lose the hang of giving manicures.

And he looks pretty happy about it too!

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10. They’re always finding ways to have fun

Hanging out with dad often provides a little adrenaline rush and lots of good memories.

I mean, who doesn’t love getting wheeled around at high speed?

11. They’ll keep them from falling

Not everyone is lucky enough to have this kind of memory. But for those of us who are, the moments that dad held you up and then let go are ones that stick in your head forever.

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12. They aren’t afraid of wearing a tutu when the occasion calls for it

If you’re going to be a girl’s dad, you might as well accept that holding on to some old-fashioned notion of “masculinity” just isn’t going to fly.

Enjoy the moments and don’t worry about how other people see you.

13. They’re all about some lunchtime fun

This amazing dad sends his son off to school each day with a napkin akin to a work of art.

What a cool way to let your kid know they’re special!

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14. They make great pillows

Dads are great for giving you somebody to lean on.

And if you happen to fall asleep, they’re happy to nap along with you.

15. They’ll give a great adrenaline rush

Sure, in all those “reasons not to leave dad alone with the kids” articles you end up seeing photos of roughousing about to go wrong, but if you’ve ever been tossed up (and caught!) by your dad then you know it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

After all, it’s always the kids chanting “higher, higher.”

16. They’ll always dress for the occasion

If you can wear a tutu, you can wear a baby.

We’ve come a long way over the last few decades when it was only mothers who kept in constant physical contact with their kids. Now dads want in too and the winner is, of course, the baby!

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17. They’ll make sure EVERYONE gets to sleep

This dad can clearly sleep anywhere!

And, hey, if a kid doesn’t want to go to sleep alone in their room, this is exactly the kind of person you need to sacrifice their comfort.

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Imgur - gmlgp9868 Source: Imgur - gmlgp9868

18. They’ll give them some time to reflect

Not all dads (or moms) are the same, of course, but we tend to think of our fathers as giving us a little more freedom.

And sometimes that means stepping out into the waves for the purpose of thinking some deep thoughts.

19. They’ll always reunite them with their glass slipper

Many of us worship our parents when we’re little. And they give us every reason to.

Isn’t this daddy-daughter moment special?

20. They’ll love them more than words could ever express

Not all dads are big on getting mushy, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this kid will always have proof that dad loves him.

We’re always quick to call moms superheroes (because they so often are!), but dads are pretty amazing too.

Be sure to scroll down below to see a hilarious montage of dads saving the day!

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