Something in woods catches toddlers eyes then he points and shouts “feet” prompting mom into action
When mom noticed her one-and-a-half-year-old son Ethan distracted by something in the woods she asked him what he saw. That's when the little boy pointed and began shouting "feet" but it wasn't until mom got down on his level that she saw it.
Ma Fatima Garcia

A toddler who lives in Coweta County, Georgia, is being hailed as a local hero after helping find 82-year-old Nina Lipscomb.

Last August 12, 2022, Brittany Moore went out in their backyard, along with her toddler, 1 1/2-year-old Ethan. Their dogs followed them, and they were ready to play.

One of Ethan’s favorite activities is playing with bubbles.

Pexels/Markus Spiske
Pexels/Markus Spiske

It’s not just him who loves chasing bubbles; they have dogs who equally love to burn their energy by racing through the big backyard chasing bubbles.

It was a fun day until some bubbles drifted past the family’s fence.

Ethan, along with his dogs, chased the bubbles, but then Brittany noticed her son stopped.

Something caught Ethan’s eyes.

There, in the fence, the little boy stood quietly. Brittany went to him and asked what he saw.

“I went over there and was like, ‘what do you see buddy?’ and he pointed and said, ‘Feet,’” Brittany said with CBS 46 Atlanta.

YouTube Screenshot / CBS 46 Atlanta
YouTube Screenshot / CBS 46 Atlanta

She tried so hard to check what her son was pointing to, but she saw nothing. Again, she asked Ethan, and the boy said the same thing.

So Brittany crouched down and checked it on his son’s level, and there, behind some branches, she saw the feet Ethan was talking about.

“I didn’t know if I needed to go into fight or flight because I had my little boy out here and the other inside,” Brittany told ABC 16 WAPT.

YouTube Screenshot / CBS 46 Atlanta
YouTube Screenshot / CBS 46 Atlanta

Brittany panicked, and for a few minutes, she didn’t know what to do.

She called for help, and soon, the rescuers were able to check the location.

There, they found the missing 82-year-old Nina Lipscomb, alive.

She had been missing since Monday and her family had been looking for her. If it wasn’t for the bubbles and Ethan, can you imagine what could have happened to the poor elderly woman?

It wasn’t just Nina’s family who were searching. Even authorities and community members were already involved, but they could not find her.

The investigators even used thermal technology to search for Nina.

Everyone was worried about her because she was already suffering from early-stage Alzheimer’s.

When the rescuers found her, she was alive but cold and disoriented.

“We pulled out every resource we thought we needed, but it was a little boy and she’s very fond of children,” said Karen Lipscomb.

YouTube Screenshot / CBS 46 Atlanta
YouTube Screenshot / CBS 46 Atlanta

Karen Lipscomb is Nina’s daughter, and she was so thankful that her mother was now back in their home.

Many people asked what caused Nina to wander, and Karen explained that her mother left their home to look for her sister.

“Her sister lived here in this house, but she passed away in March but growing up they lived on Glacier Road, which is just around the corner,” she said in her interview.

Nina missed her sister so much. She wanted to look for her, and that was how she got lost.

Monday afternoon, after they released Nina from the hospital, they met Brittany and Ethan.

They were so happy to see each other.

“Thank you for your Christian walk,” Karen told Brittany. She then gave little Ethan a gift of bubble toys.

For Karen, this was divine intervention.

“I recognized it right off. The story of bubbles is so pure and innocent and yet effective,” she explained.

Brittany couldn’t agree more. What were the odds?

“I truly think this was something outside of what any human could do,” said Brittany, smiling. “It took a child who was being worked by God. We will always teach him what he did, how he played an impact on it.”

Indeed, everything made perfect sense.

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