Mom eats, sleeps & does everything upside down in hospital bed for 1 wk to save premie twin girls
It certainly wasn't comfortable but she wanted her daughters to have a fighting chance.
Irene Markianou

Taylor Davis, 27, and her husband Mark, 29, have a beautiful large family. They already had three children, and, last year, they found out they were expecting again. This time, twins.

Unsplash - Bich Ngoc Le
Unsplash - Bich Ngoc Le

The couple was in seventh heaven, and their older children just couldn’t wait to meet their sisters.

However, last October, Taylor found out that she had a shorter cervix than usual, during a scheduled appointment with her doctor.


This meant that she would probably give birth to her twins prematurely, so she was advised to stay on bed rest in the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Before she had time to prepare for hospital admission, on October 24, Taylor felt that her body was preparing to go into labor, and she was rushed to the hospital.

Pexels - Pixabay
Pexels - Pixabay

“They took me straight to labor and delivery because, in the ER, they said I was completely dilated, completely effaced, and my daughter Avery was in my birth canal,” Davis told Good Morning America.

According to doctors there, she was not 22 weeks pregnant as she thought, but only 21 weeks and 3 days, which made survival for her twins even less probable.

But Taylor was determined to save her baby girls. That’s why she spent the next six days in Trendelenburg position, in other words, upside down.

She ate upside down, slept upside down, she even used the toilet in that same position. But seven days later, it was time for Avery to be born.

Avery was born naturally, and she weighed only 1 pound at the time. Thankfully, she was intubated right away, and her fight to survive began.

And, just when doctors were about to deliver baby Emersyn as well, Taylor made it clear that she would try to keep the second baby inside for as long as she could in order for her to have more chances to survive.

“What they did is, they left her placenta inside me. They stitched up the umbilical cord and pushed it back inside me, and I stayed like that for three days until Emersyn broke my water,” Davis recalled.

This risky decision cost Davis a serious infection and blood clot, but she knew she had done everything she could to save her babies.

The doctors fought to keep both the mother and the twins alive, and eventually, they made it.

Taylor soon started feeling better, although she was heartbroken because she could only see her babies through Facetime- you see, she had to stay in bed for quite some time after delivery.

The twins suffered blood infections, one had a hernia, hemangiomas, and other issues, but they manage to overcome all the obstacles and make it out of the NICU a little more than 130 days later.

Today, they’re 4.5 months, but technically, they’re newborns. And their amazing life has just begun.

A few days ago, they were released from Golisano Children’s Hospital, and their family was excited to take them home and start giving them all the love these brave fighters deserve.

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