Fascinating Footage Of Twin Babies Moving In Mom’s Belly

August 5th, 2020

Pregnancy is a journey filled with little miracles. It also ends with the greatest one of all!

When you first discover you’re going to have a baby, it’s incredible knowing there’s another life inside of you. Eventually, you start feeling your unborn child’s movements – and later in the pregnancy, you can actually “see” them moving in your belly. How amazing is that?

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One man recorded a fascinating video of his fiancé just days before she gave birth to their twins.

The woman is laying on the couch and has her belly exposed. At her stage of pregnancy, likely she was feeling very ready to welcome her little ones into the world. And from what it appears – her babies were very ready to get out too!

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Her beautiful belly starts moving.

At first, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of activity going on. That is until the woman lets out a big cough. Almost as if she woke her babies from a snooze, you can see some movement in response.

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Then there’s a huge kick.

31 seconds in, one of the babies really lets its presence be known. He or she appears to stretch, and it’s almost like a pair of feet might pop out from her belly. Perhaps this kid is destined to be a dancer or soccer player?

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They were soon going to be meeting their bundles of joy.

When you’re pregnant with twins it means you’ve got to buy and prepare two of everything. But in return, you get two precious human beings to love and brighten your life! According to Parents, the birth rate of twins in the U.S. is approximately 33 out of 1,000 births.

The footage was taken only two days before the twins were born. With how much they’re moving around, it’s almost like they’re trying to break free!

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Twins are intriguing inside and outside of the womb.

There are tons of interesting things about twins. According to Scientific American, Italian researchers conducted a study and discovered they begin interacting with each other at about the 14th week of pregnancy.

Another interesting fact has to do with “identical” twins. Parents shared:

“The odds of having identical twins are about 1 in 250.”

Over the years, famous identical twins like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen captured our hearts. As did Cole and Dylan Sprouse and the lovable Tia and Tamera Mowry who starred in Sister and Sister!

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Mom and Dad weren’t the only ones who were amazed watching the babies move in her belly.

The video has been spreading across the internet and as of now, it’s been watched over 14.3 million times! Viewers have left a variety of comments in response to it. One person wrote:

“Holy crap you can actually see the shape of both the babies feet kicking right out at the womb wall in almost perfect detail! That’s mind blowing, scary but awesome!”

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A man commented:

“Things like this makes me want to respect all the girls especially mom more”

Some could relate to the pregnant woman.

“boy do I remember when I went threw this with my twins. Now their 13. labor and delivery was the easiest part of the whole deal.”

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Whether you’ve experienced pregnancy before or not, it’s a video that reminds us of just how miraculous it really is!

Press play below to watch these babies move around in their mama’s belly for yourself.

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