Army captain husband secretly returns home hours before wife goes into labor
Her reaction says it all!
Jaclyn Abergas

The birth of the baby is an exciting part of a family’s journey.

The parents (and kids, if they already have) have already been preparing themselves for the arrival of their newest family member for nine months. The birth of their baby is the start of their most challenging chapter, parenting the child.

It’s so important that both spouses are together during the birth to give each other the physical and emotional support each one needs.

This is a privilege rarely enjoyed by most army wives.

Chances are that women get pregnant when their husbands are home while waiting for their next assignment. And they often give birth while their husbands are deployed. It’s a sad reality that army families are used to. That’s why the wives build communities around them so they have someone to turn to when they’re about to and when they have given birth.

But US Army Captain Harold Rahming wasn’t having that.

He wanted to be there for the birth of his son.

“We planned this child together. We’re going to have this child together and we need to be together for that special moment,” Cara Rahming, his wife, said.

Captain Rahming wasn’t scheduled to be home until October, a few weeks after his wife would have given birth.

YouTube - ABC 7 Chicago
YouTube - ABC 7 Chicago

But being a captain has its perks.

He was able to surprise his wife by coming home earlier than they expected, a few hours before his son would arrive in this world.

His wife, Cara, was in the bathroom of her hospital room when Captain Rahming arrived with a stuffed toy in his hand.

YouTube - ABC 7 Chicago
YouTube - ABC 7 Chicago

A few family members were in the room already and it looked like they were in on the surprise. Even Cara’s nurse looked like she knew what was going to happen.

Captain Rahming stayed back by the room door, which was almost beside the bathroom. There was a little wall there where he hid to surprise his wife.

Because she was already in labor, Cara couldn’t walk very fast. But when she stepped out of the bathroom and saw her husband, she zoomed right to him and hugged him tightly.

YouTube - ABC 7 Chicago
YouTube - ABC 7 Chicago

She could not believe her husband was there for their son’s birth.

“I’m home! I told you I was coming home,” Captain Rahming told his wife.

Overwhelmed with hormones and extreme emotions, Cara couldn’t stop crying. She was so happy her husband was home and she wouldn’t let go.

It seems even his son was so excited to see him.

He couldn’t wait to see his parents and he came out four days earlier than expected. They named him Harold Leroy Rahming II.

“I’m so glad that I was able to make it because you really can’t get a do-over with that,” Captain Rahming said.

Flying from Iraq in the Middle East to Chicago in the US was not going to be an easy and fast flight. And we’re glad Captain Rahming was still able to make it so that he and his wife could share this magical moment together.

Would you like to see their reunion? Bring out the tissues before you watch the video below!

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