Woman naturally gives birth to her third set of twins making them a whopping family of 12
Kimberly jokes with her husband that they need to stop getting pregnant since their pregnancies keep multiplying by double or triple figures.
Irene Markianou

Kimberly Alarcon grew up in a large family. You see, they were 18 siblings. Her parents had ten together, and then they adopted eight more.

Their house was never quiet in the sense that most people have it in mind.

“Having a packed house is normal for me,” Alarcon’s told TODAY. “Not only were there 18 of us, but then we also had our friends coming over. Sometimes we had 30 kids over at once.”

So, it didn’t feel weird for her to have a big family herself growing up.

By 2021, she and her husband already had eight children. Seven of them they had together, and one was her husband’s nephew that lives with them.

Not all of Kimberly’s babies were singletons though. In fact, only three of them were. The other four were actually two sets of twins.

And then, last year, Alarcon found out that she was expecting again. This time, it was a set of triplets.

“Kenzy and Kenzley started their journey as a trio but unfortunately while at the doctor’s office I miscarried who I believe was my boy Kent. God gives us what he knows we can handle so yes we will love him and remember him,” she shared on Instagram.

Sadly, the pregnant woman miscarried one of her babies early on in her pregnancy, so she ended up giving birth to another set of twins.

YouTube - News 12
YouTube - News 12

Just how rare could that be?

“Three sets of twins back-to-back without medication or any intervention is highly unusual,” Dr. Angela Silber, chief of maternal fetal medicine at Westchester Medical Center, told TODAY. “It’s pretty incredible.”

Indeed, statistics show that there’s only one in 200,000 chance to have three sets of spontaneous twins. Which makes this family really special.

The Alarcons felt blessed to have brought another two children into the world, although Kimberly thinks that at some point they might need to stop.

“I’m multiplying and I told [my husband] they’re coming in double digits and triples, like, we gotta stop,” Kimberly shared with News 12.

And although now their life may be hectic, the couple couldn’t feel more grateful for this blessing. Yes, their hands may be full 99 percent of the time, but they are a happy family.

“Our home is full of love,” Alarcon told TODAY Parents. “We have good days, we have bad days, just like any other family. We just take it one day at a time.”

They just wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 37-year-old mother of ten has an Instagram account with more than 1.5k followers, where she shares daily family-related stuff.

People just love her personality and her journey as a mother. Some even suggested she write a book on raising twins. Sure enough, she must have so much to share on this topic!

All the Alarcon children look adorable and they must love each other deeply.

Head over to the video below for more details on this unique story!

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By Irene Markianou
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