Woman pregnant with twins gets pregnant with third baby 10 days later

May 3rd, 2021

Getting pregnant with twins is a huge deal, though not as rare as you might think.

An estimated 1 in 250 natural pregnancies will result in twins, so while not everyone is blessed with two babies at once, we probably all personally know someone that was.

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Triplets, though? That’s much more of a rare occurrence.

Only around 1 in 10,000 pregnancies result in triplets – that’s quite a big jump from the odds of having twins.

So when one first-time mom discovered she was having twins, she was over the moon… but it didn’t end there.

The mom blogger, who goes by “Taming Triplets”, conceived a third baby naturally 10 days later.

She was now having triplets – and, with her being just under 5 feet, doctors were concerned that she would struggle to carry all three.

The mom has been sharing her pregnancy journey on TikTok, and, in a heartbreaking video back in November, she explained that her risk of very premature birth was very high.

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For this reason, her unborn babies were much more at risk of developmental issues and cerebral palsy.

But, in a brave move, she and her partner decided to act against medical advice and keep all three babies.

It must have been incredibly stressful to have three babies growing inside you, knowing that with your due date gradually approaching, every day brought a bigger likelihood of complications.

But Taming Triplets managed to stay upbeat in her photo and video content, and in one post, she said:

“Every week I get bigger I think ‘I can’t stretch anymore…’ and then I do!!! Women are warriors. I don’t know how I’m doing this.”

In a typical pregnancy, a fetus has space to spread out across the womb, but it’s a different story with triplets.

Taming Triplets explained that her babies were vying for position: Triplet A was right back against her bladder, Triplet B was closest to her belly button, and Triplet C was just underneath her ribs.

It can’t have been comfy, but the new mom managed to get by, despite her short height.

She also had the worry of the fact that the triplets weren’t technically “triplets”.

Because the third baby had been conceived 10 days later, Taming Triplets technically had two different due dates.

She explained:

“Normally your body is supposed to switch up your hormones and stop you from ovulating again once you’re already pregnant. In my circumstance it did not. About 10 per cent of women can ovulate twice a month. Only I think .3 per cent get pregnant a second time.

“So technically our babies do have different due dates, luckily they’re close enough that they will be born the same day, so they will all still be considered triplets.”

Her thousands of social media followers sent love and prayers as her due date approached – and then, after posting to Instagram on March 24, the Taming Triplets account went silent.

Thankfully, nine days later, the happy mom revealed that she had given birth to three beautiful baby girls.

The fight wasn’t over, as all three babies were premature. Taming Triplets offered more info in a post that was captioned:

“My sweet girls…. you are fighters and showing your strength already. I still can’t wrap my mind around how delicate and tiny you are but so so mighty at the same time. We can’t wait to bring you home and get all 3 of you in our arms at once 💛 The NICU is the toughest journey for all 5 of us, but once we get through this together, then it will be all UP from here!”

Her third triplet, the one that was conceived 10 days later, is the smallest of the three, but Taming Triplets said that her size is “nothing to worry about since she has always been our tiny little one”.

While the triplets are still in hospital, it’s looking likely that they’ll be healthy enough to head home soon.

You can keep up with the new mom of triplets on her Instagram account, or watch an emotional TikTok update in the video below.

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Just day by day right now, lots of tears but our girls are fighters & doing so well 🤍🤍🤍 ##nicujourney ##triplets

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