Children dazzle everyone with their cute hip-shaking moves in Christmas program

December 28th, 2020

Christmas is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. It’s a time to give love and celebrate Jesus’ birth. Since Jesus represents love, Christmas is spent with friends and family.

It’s a day where everyone exchanges gifts, shares their blessings with others, and reunites with their loved ones. Kids, in particular, love Christmas. They get to give cards to their parents and perform in school.

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Oftentimes, schools and other organizations have kids perform during Christmas presentations.

There are a series of rehearsals for the school play. It can be a play on the birth of Jesus, or it can be a series of musical performances.

You often see parents fill in the seats with their phones ready to capture their child’s performance. They cheer as their child performs and accompany them backstage when their child gets stage fright.

Each moment is recorded and captured to immortalize the memory of a child’s performance.

It’s definitely cute and nostalgic to see a child perform on-stage during Christmas. Their hearts are so innocent, loving, and carefree that you couldn’t help but admire them. Moreover, they give it their best performance despite making several mistakes.

One school, in particular, garnered much attention online after their Christmas performance.

And if you were one of the audience, you will definitely give the performers a standing ovation.

St. Elizabeth Child Care in Jersey City, NJ had a surprising Christmas presentation.

The kids are led out to the stage by nuns and their leader. Dressed all in green from head to toe, the kids look adorable, like little elves that were out to entertain Santa’s clients.

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As they were led on stage, you can see the excitement on those little faces. Some even waved to mom and dad.

Once they were in their positions, “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree” starts playing while the kids started shaking their hips with their hands on their waist.

They were super cute and funny!

The crowd clapped as they performed on stage. As they shake to the beat of the song, you can see each of their personalities.

The ones in the middle are the extra enthusiastic ones, throwing their whole body from left to right and back while the others were more reserved, with some barely moving.

Moms and dads were clearly happy with their performance. You can hear them chuckling in the background.

Those who saw the video commented these:

“Human beings at this age are so darn cute and lovable , to bad we can’t stay this sweet and innocent .They make my old heart sing with joy and happiness they are the best of us 💕”

“I like the middle girl in the front it’s so cute and she know how to do it and she’s singing too.”

The kids gave everything they got and just had so much fun. And that’s what the holidays also reminds us of.

As adults, we think about a lot of stuff that we sometimes forget to have fun with. These kids remind us that we also need to pause and have time for ourselves. Yes, working hard is important for us to achieve our goals. But, it’s also helpful to take a break and reflect on your actions.

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Just like the song says,

“You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear

Voices singing, let’s be jolly

Deck the halls with boughs of holly”

So, ditch all those papers you need to file or email to send. Take leave and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and bringing joy and laughter to our homes. So, do show this video to your family and happily dance with them!

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Source: KXRB, YouTube