Little girl grows close to man that works at Publix then mom takes notice of way he makes her feel
The relationship has since made headlines.
Ma Fatima Garcia

“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.” – Irish Proverb

Grocery shopping, for some, is relaxation. You get to buy the things you want, try out new brands, and even meet friends along the way.

This is the case of Gilnet, a Florida Publix worker who found a friend among his customers.


Rachel Smith is one of the many customers of Publix. She usually brings her baby when she goes grocery shopping, and Gilnet was always happy to assist the family.

Smith’s baby daughter Fiona first met Gilnet when she was still a baby. Every time her family goes to Publix, she sees the kind employee.

It all started with smiles, and then, Gilnet started giving little Fiona high fives, which the little girl loved.


Time passed, and the little girl got used to seeing Gilnet and was eager to get her weekly high-five with her friend.

According to Rachel Smith, Fiona loved each meeting they had with Gilnet. Their short but weekly meet-ups gave Fiona, her daughter, happiness. Who wouldn’t smile when you see such a wonderful friendship?

Pexels/Afta Putta Gunawan
Pexels/Afta Putta Gunawan

Soon, Fiona gave Gilnet a nickname and started calling him “High Five.”

Rachel was already so happy with their weekly meet-ups, but Gilnet had something more to give. On Fiona’s third birthday, Gilnet surprised her with her first bike.

Gilnet, or “High Five,” bought a Disney pink bike for his BFF, and the look on Fiona’s face was heartwarming.

“She loved it so much and wanted to say thanks to him by giving him some pictures of her riding it,” said Rachel in her interview with GMA.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions from the pandemic, Rachel and her family could no longer visit their favorite Publix store.

This meant not meeting Mr. High Five as often as before.

Then, the Smiths found out that Gilnet had to transfer to a different store. Of course, Rachel wanted to find their family friend, Gilnet. So, she did her best to track down where Gilnet was working, and she then decided to set up a GoFundMe account for him.

They all wanted to give back to the kind man who became Fiona’s friend.

In Rachel’s GoFundMe, Rachel explained:

“Our favorite Publix worker, Gilnet, has always provided a smile, a hug, and a high five for Fiona since she was a baby. She’s come to know him as High Five, and she looks forward to seeing him at Publix every week! He even got her a bicycle for her birthday.”

She also expressed that they wanted to give back to this kind man who did nothing but give joy to their family, especially their daughter. The post went viral, and in just a few days, they were able to reach their goal of $5,000.00, and people didn’t stop there.

As of today, their GoFundMe account has reached $7,350.00.

We can’t wait to see the updates of what Rachel will give Gilnet.

Rachel created an Instagram account with the name “whosyourhighfive,” where anyone could share a story similar to theirs.

She aims to spread positivity and love.

Follow their Instagram account and let’s all wait for the updates on Gilnet and Fiona’s reunion.

As of the moment, watch the full interview below.

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By Ma Fatima Garcia
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