Nurses discover heartwarming similarity between themselves and the twin babies they deliver
What a wonderful twist of fate.
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This was Lauren Meehan’s second time giving birth at Rose Medical Center in Colorado.

She had such a great experience with their medical team that she decided to have her twins there.

The hospital’s staff was great at breaking the ice and making the now mother of three feel comfortable during what could be a very stressful and or scary time.

The delivery team decided they would have some casual chit-chat to set the mood before Meehan’s delivery.

They asked her if she had names picked out for her twins.

Meehan told the delivery team that she and her husband fell in love with the names Emma and Julia and that’s what they were naming the twins.

Pixabay - WenPhotos
Pixabay - WenPhotos

That’s when the entire delivery room erupted into laughter. But it wasn’t because they thought the names were funny or strange.

It’s because the names were quite familiar.

The two nurses that would be caring for Meehan’s twin babies were also named Emma and Julia.

Meehan said that it was a welcomed joyful moment among all the “chaos.”

Meehan knew right then and there that she had chosen the perfect names for her newborns.

It was quite a shock to postpartum nurses Emma Anderson and Julia Van Marter.

They’ve been working at Denver’s “baby hospital,” known for its exceptional pre and post-natal, care,” for more than three years and never heard of anything like that happening before.

“I had never delivered a baby with my name before so I was pretty excited. But I mean, I feel like it’s pretty rare to have that coincidence in general and especially with twins and two nurses. That just doesn’t happen around here,” nurse Julia Van Marter told Good Morning America.

Pixabay - Marjonhorn
Pixabay - Marjonhorn

Emma Anderson said she was extremely thrilled about the happy coincidence. She said it was a “highlight” of her career and a special moment she will carry with her for the rest of her career and life.

Meehan says she can’t wait to tell her girls the story when they’re a bit older.

The Social Security Administration reports that the name Emma was ranked as the number two baby name in 2019 and 2021.

It was in the number one spot from 2014 to 2018.

Pixabay - luxstorm
Pixabay - luxstorm

Julia ranked as the 114th most popular name given to babies in 2021.

“Our twins decided to make an early and quick arrival in the middle of the night,” Meehan said. “I had so much confidence in all my nurses in triage, L&D, and postpartum and they made our experience what it was. Because of the twins, we had to deliver in the OR with two teams of doctors and nurses.”

The first baby came super fast so the delivery team had to move at her pace.

The course of events was rapid, which was unnerving.

But Meehan says her nurses were always by her side, holding her hand and providing her with a calming presence.

Pixabay - alimas
Pixabay - alimas

Meehan says the nurses will hold a special place in her family’s heart for years to come.

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