Toddler gives dad an important update while potty training

April 26th, 2021

Kids can become enthusiastic about the most ordinary everyday tasks, and all parents know that.

Potty training is a perfect example of how things can take the turn for comedy when you least expect it. Matt DeVito, a two-year-old boy from West Virginia, became an overnight sensation after the video of him being funny in the toilet went viral. Little fellow makes it crystal clear that he didn’t poop. He just peed.

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Posted by Dani DeVito onFriday, October 2, 2020

We have never imagined that a toddler ranting about his adventures on the loo can be so hilarious. Matty has successfully laughed his way to more than 20 million YouTube views. Great job, kiddo!

MattyG TV, a YouTube comedy channel that releases weekly videos, has already garnered more than 85,000 subscribers.

People loved Matt’s honest toilet video, so much so that Matt’s mom Dani tweeted that “it went legit viral,” adding that she “got to talk to Kelly Clarkson because of it.”

Dani and Greg DeVito were struggling with potty-training, and Matty always pulled their leg whether he did number 1 or number 2 in the toilet.

Eventually, Matt’s mom grabbed the camera and filmed one of those precious moments. We truly believe they never expected the video to go viral the way it did.

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YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV Source: YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV

Because little Matty turned out to be a natural-born comedian, his parents decided to keep up the excellent work.

Luckily, they have filmed Matty in numerous funny situations, from going to the zoo to realizing that the word Uranus is funny. As most of you already know, the video was filmed in the family bathroom. You can see the little boy sitting on his toilet seat, and his father is with him.

Mom is filming everything, and you can occasionally hear her voice in the background.

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YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV Source: YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV

“Wait, you didn’t poop?” asks Greg, to which Matty seriously replies, “No!”

Then he goes on and repeats the statement several times. He didn’t poop. He just peed. Alright, Matt, noted! The funniest part is the way Matt says that he didn’t poop. He makes it sound like he’s the new sheriff in town.

Posted by Dani DeVito onSaturday, October 3, 2020

Incredibly, the boy’s got fantastic emotional intelligence at that age.

Take a look at how observant and emotionally intelligent Matt is! He repeated, “I didn’t poop” so often that his father started crying of laughter. Matty thought his father was said, and the question “Is sad daddy?” is probably as famous as the “I didn’t poop line.” The boy got the voice, and he delivered two simple sentences that could quickly become slogans.

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YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV Source: YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV

Matt has already become legendary at such a young age.

Not only was he concerned that his father might be sad, but he also offered to hug his dad to comfort him. The heartwarming moment when Matty raises his arms to hug his father is the reason we watched this video more than once. Greg quickly wiped his tears away and said that he wasn’t sad.

These parents can be proud of themselves for raising such an adorable little gentleman.

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YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV Source: YouTube Screenshot - MattyG TV

“Whenever I feel sad and gloomy, I just watch this video” is one of the thousands of lovely comments.

More than 8,000 YouTube users shared words of appreciation in the comments section. Everyone noticed how genuinely entertaining Matt is, saying that the video is an instant boost of joy.

We can’t wait for Matt to grow up to cover his reaction to this family video. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed that his parents will keep on filming everything!

Posted by Dani DeVito onFriday, December 25, 2020

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